MagPower Receiver
MagPower Receiver


MagPower Receiver

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The FlexGrip Series of products are currently accepting pre-orders for shipment by mid-December. 

The MagPower Receiver is how the magic of MagPower happens. Featuring an industry-standard 30mm x 38mm AMPS hole pattern, virtually any mount on the market can start providing MagPower. To provide the wireless power, the MagPower Receiver takes in power from a USB-C port on the bottom from a dashboard charger or wall charger. 

For most users with existing mounts, providing MagPower is as simple as bolting on the Receiver and plugging in a charger with a USB-C cord. Don’t have a mount yet?

Military-grade electric connections and precision machining provide over 40lbs of magnetic force to ensure a consistent, reliable charging current. The magnet and key system helps self-locate while mounting your iPad.


  • Compatible with both the MagPower AMPS and the MagPower Grip
  • Provides instant power to your iPad or FlexGrip Command Center
  • Military-grade components stand up to dirt, dust, and corrosion for worry-free operation
  • 30mm x 38mm AMPS hole pattern bolts to most standard mounts with (4) 8-32 flathead screws 
  • Standardized compatibility means that setting up MagPower can be as simple as bolting on the Receiver and plugging it into an existing USB-C charger
  • Designed to stay attached and plugged into the mount of your choice full-time for ease of use


  • Requires either the MagPower AMPS or the MagPower Grip to provide the magnetic force. 
  • Requires the mini charging cables to be attached from the MagPower AMPS or MagPower Grip to be attached to the FlexGrip Command Center or iPad, respectively, for wireless charging.

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