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Rotating Handstrap

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FlexGrip Rotating Handstrap with Kickstand

As a construction worker or first responder, you depend heavily on your iPad. For instance, you may use it to check on building plans, or if you’re a first responder, you may use it to file a response to an event. However, sometimes with long hours on the job, it can get difficult to hold on to your iPad without your hand cramping. This is why we at X-naut are excited to offer our proprietary cases for your iPad with a hand strap from the FlexGrip range.

What Our FlexGrip Rotating Handstrap Has to Offer

With our iPad Handstrap with rotating capabilities, you can easily take an iPad—along with our proprietary iPad Cooling Case—wherever you go. This FlexGrip Rotating Handstrap is engineered specifically to give on-the-move individuals the flexibility they need to travel, work, and play. The Rotating Handstrap with Kickstand fits with both our Pilot Series Cooling Cases and FlexGrip Cooling Cases.

The hand strap is guaranteed to stand the test of time in the most extreme conditions. We’ve also created our hand strap with a unique kickstand to support your device in both portrait mode and landscape mode for your convenience.


1. What is a rotating hand strap?

A rotating hand strap is an accessory that can be attached to your camera or another handheld device to provide a secure and comfortable grip while shooting.

2. How do I attach a rotating hand strap to my camera?

Most rotating hand straps attach to your camera through the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera. Simply screw the hand strap into the tripod mount and adjust the strap to fit your hand.

3. How do I use the rotating feature of the hand strap?

The rotating feature allows you to adjust the position of your camera to fit your shooting needs. For example, you can rotate the camera to a vertical orientation for portrait shots or to a horizontal orientation for landscape shots.

Take Advantage of Our iPad with a Hand Strap at X-naut

At X-naut, we offer a number of essential accessories for those who depend on their iPads regularly. After all, we realize that your iPad in and of itself may not be enough to help you to operate productively. With our Rotating Hand strap—as well as our other accessories designed to complement your iPad—you can easily enhance your daily performance.

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