iPad Mini Active Cooling Case

Keeping Your
iPad Mini 5 Cool

The original iPad cooling cases. Trusted to withstand the toughest conditions.
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Take to
the skies

Ensuring a rock-solid fit with the latest and greatest iPads.

X-naut designs solutions that enable people to work and play in extreme temperatures. We believe that technology tools should not limit the ability to execute mission critical tasks.

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Flight Navigation Apps Just Got That Much Cooler

Keeps your iPad cool under direct sunlight and mitigates unexpected shutdowns due to overheating

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Drone Pilots, Your Peace Of Mind Is Here!

Keeping your iPad™ cool so that your drone will have a safe flight home

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X-Naut Stories

"We used the same iPad/ X-Naut setup running the ForeFlight app continuously while flying from Phoenix to Tuscon and back. Our iPad worked perfectly for the entire flight, the X-Naut has earned a place in our flight bag

Review, UASweekly.com

“I have experienced over heating with the iPad. It’s not a good feeling and it’s not a good feeling when your students have overheating on their solo flights... I will be teaching my students how to use the X-Naut in the aircraft. It is a safe accessory to have and I will be showing them the ways of the X-Naut.

Jason Jeffery, Flight Instructor & CEO, Pacific Air Flight School