When Seconds count and reliabilty matters

X30 MagPower

X30 with Kickstand: Versatility and Mobility

The X30 MagPower Case offers robust protection in challenging environments, shielding your device from impacts and harsh conditions. Its versatile kickstand, rotating 180 degrees switches between portrait and landscape orientations, enhancing usability. Beyond its stand function, the kickstand doubles as a sturdy handle, enabling seamless mobility while securely gripping your device. Perfect for users on the move, the X30 combines durability, versatility, and convenience for an optimized user experience.

MagPower: Enhancing Emergency Response

In emergency situations, every second counts. MagPower technology ensures swift response times with effortless one-handed docking, while also offering a secure hold of 60 lbs of magnetic force, meeting safety standards to keep devices secure during intense vibrations and forces. Additionally, MagPower enables wireless Power Delivery rapid charging, ensuring that iPads charge at maximum speed precisely when needed.

MagPower: Secure, Power Delivery Charging