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As a pilot, quick and comfortable access to your cockpit gear and devices is essential. This allows you to make the rapid, accurate decisions you need to execute your mission flawlessly. Your iPad, and co-pilot, is often first among these devices and you want it positioned comfortably so that you can refer to it whenever you want. The X-naut kneeboard and strap let you do just that. It helps mount your iPad onto your leg, so that you can conveniently access it while you’ve still got the flight controls, all without having to change position.

Designed with Convenience in Mind

Rotate it 360°: You can use the strap to completely rotate your kneeboard and position it the way it best suits you. The sturdy strap is guaranteed to serve you long and well, even in challenging conditions.

Universally Adjustable Strap: The one-size-fits-all strap can be easily adjusted to the required circumference so that it’s comfortably positioned on your leg.

Works with All iPad Sizes: The kneeboard is compatible with Cooling Cases for all iPad sizes, from Mini to Air and Pro.

Mounting Hardware Included: The Cooling Case can be easily mounted to the kneeboard with the help of four 8-32 screws and nuts, which are included in the order. Consult our installation instructions for full-size iPads (like Air and Pro) and iPad Mini.

Note: the Cooling Case is not included in your purchase.

The kneeboard and strap come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our products are shipped worldwide and are subject to a 30-day return policy.


1. What is a Pilot iPad Kneeboard?

A Pilot iPad Kneeboard is a product that is designed to allow pilots to securely mount their iPad in the cockpit. The kneeboard is typically worn on the pilot's thigh and provides a stable platform for the iPad while the pilot is flying.

2: How do I use a Pilot iPad Kneeboard?

To use a Pilot iPad Kneeboard, simply insert your iPad into the appropriate compartment or holder and secure it in place. Then, attach the kneeboard to your thigh using the straps provided. You can now use your iPad while flying without having to worry about it moving or falling.

3: What are some benefits of using a Pilot iPad Kneeboard?

Some benefits of using a Pilot iPad Kneeboard include being able to easily access important flight information and charts, having a stable platform for your iPad while flying, and being able to keep your hands free to fly the plane.

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