Standard (Air/Pro)
Standard (Air/Pro)
Standard (Air/Pro)

Standard (Air/Pro)

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Eliminate glare and see your screen better with The Hoodman Cockpit Visor!

The Cockpit Visor universally mounts in portrait or landscape orientation.

Compatible with iPad Air 9.7 - 10.5

Attaching via adhesive Velcro strips, the visors are easily added and removed from your X-naut Pilot Series iPad Cooling Case. Simply attach the Velcro strips to the perimeter of your case and you're ready for flight!


1. What should I do when I first get my STANDARD (AIR/PRO)?

When you first get your STANDARD (AIR/PRO), it is recommended that you turn it on and set it up according to the instructions provided by Apple. You should also download and install any software updates that are available.

2. How do I transfer data from my old computer to my STANDARD (AIR/PRO)?

You can transfer data from your old computer to your STANDARD (AIR/PRO) using Apple's Migration Assistant software. This software allows you to transfer files, applications, and settings from one computer to another.

3. How do I maintain my STANDARD (AIR/PRO)?

To maintain your STANDARD (AIR/PRO), you should keep it clean and free of dust and debris. You should also regularly update your software and install any security updates that are available. Additionally, you should be careful not to expose your computer to extreme temperatures or humidity.

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