About Us

Founder of X-naut Darren Saravis


X-naut designs solutions that enable people to work and play in extreme temperatures. We believe that technology tools should not limit the ability to execute mission-critical tasks. It is in this belief that X-naut’s flagship product, the Cooling Case for iPads, was designed, tested, and approved by the aviation market. This revolutionary product prevents iPads from overheating in extreme heat. At X-naut, our goal is to move people forward by removing boundaries created by extreme temperatures.

When Two Industries Come Together

The Cooling Case idea first came into fruition when the CEO and Founder of X-naut, Darren Saravis, identified the issues he as a private pilot was facing when using his iPad to navigate. The cockpit can get extremely hot and his iPad started to suffer. Also a CEO of a product development company, Nectar, Darren had the means to make his vision come to life. The Cooling Case is just one example of the effective products he has developed, which can be found on the Nectar website.

X-naut Cooling Case Magpower Flex

A Response to a Design Flaw

Apple’s products are generally known for their design and ease of use, hence their popularity and success. However, this may be the case for someone who uses their iPad occasionally to read books or play games, but not for pilots or any other professional who relies heavily on their iPad to get a job done. As mentioned in our feature in The Verge, we think iPads should have cooling fans. But thankfully Apple didn’t include this in the design of the device otherwise we wouldn’t have a one-of-its-kind product to offer you!

A Response to a Design Flaw

While we started out providing pilots with a fantastic and effective cooling system for their iPads, as well as suction mounts for a strong vibration-free hold, among other accessories, we have expanded our offerings to the industries such as first-responders, the military, construction, and drive-thru restaurants. We have been amazed at the feedback — so much so that we have expanded into other countries, such as Australia.

Is your iPad overheating and causing a disruption to your workday? Well, we think you’ve found your solution. Shop our Pilot Series or our FlexGrip Series now or get in touch with us if you need help finding the right product!