MagPower Grip - 9.7/10.5
MagPower Grip - 9.7/10.5

MagPower Grip - 9.7/10.5

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The FlexGrip Series of products are currently accepting pre-orders for shipment by mid-September. 

For the days when overheating iPads aren’t a risk, travel lighter with the MagPower Grip. When you don’t need the automatic cooling features and extended battery life that the FlexGrip Command Center provides, the MagPower grip is here to bring a magnetic, wireless power directly to your iPad.

Similar to the FlexGrip Command Center, the MagPower Grip attaches to the FlexGrip Skin with a clamping mechanism. This enables a one-size-fits-all approach so that the MagPower Grip can be used with any iPad generation and size.

Our MagPower system gives a secure hold with over 40lbs of magnetic force, ensuring an uninterrupted charge and a stable, vibration-free hold on your iPad on even the toughest roads. MagPower begins charging your iPad instantly, and a magnetic guide helps secure it in place without the fussiness. 


  • Provides instant magnetic power and charging to the iPad directly
  • Clamps directly to any size of the FlexGrip Skin
  • 40lbs of magnetic force ensures that your iPad stays put with a steady charge – no matter where the job takes you.
  • Military-grade electric connections and precision machining stand up to dirt, dust, and corrosion for worry-free operation
  • A magnetic guide and key system helps make attachment easy. Simply set it and forget it.
  • A 90-degree USB-C to 90-degree Lightning 120MM cable or USB-C to USB-C 120MM cable is required if you want to power the iPad directly using MagPower (not included).


  • A MagPower Receiver attached to the end of a mount is required to provide the magnetic attachment and charging capabilities.
  • The MagPower Grip is not compatible with and will not mount to the FlexGrip Command Center. To use MagPower with the Command Center, you’ll want the MagPower AMPS.

The MagPower Grip cannot attach to the iPad alone and must be used with a FlexGrip Skin. Attaching to the iPad without the FlexGrip Skin may damage the device.

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