flexgrip cooling case laid in a red bag


You live on your iPad. Whether you depend on this device for work in your relevant field, such as firefighting or agriculture, you view it as your indispensable assistant. Unfortunately, this assistant can grow hot quite quickly while working outdoors, and that’s why we at X-naut created our proprietary FlexGrip Series iPad Cooling Case.

This innovative solution was built based on the experience we developed while creating its predecessor—our PilotSeries iPad Cooling Case for pilots. However, it stands out in that it provides both X-naut’s well-known cooling feature and the ability to charge your iPad. On top of this, it comes with our unique magnetic mounting system, the MagPower.


When it comes to our mounting options, we have mount kits for iPads of various sizes. For instance, you can take advantage of our iPad mount for the 9.7”, 10.5”, and 12.9” FlexGrip Cooling Cases. In addition, you can go with our ToughMount Double Ball or Seat Rail mount options. Our ToughMount Series offers industry-standard and heavy-duty mounts designed to work with commercial fleets for such applications as utilities, public safety, and construction.

iPad (7th & 8th Gen)
Flex Series Cooling Case
starting at $365.00
iPad Air (1st & 2nd Gen) iPad (5th & 6th Gen)
Flex series cooling case
starting at $365.00


Our additional X-naut components for our FlexGrip Series include our robust FlexGrip skins. These tools are handy for safeguarding your iPad against shocks and drops and are a great rugged iPad case option if that’s what you’re looking for! In addition, in case you need them, we offer extra FlexGrip Cooling Cases—the command centers that make cooling down your iPad possible.

Rotating Handstrap
USB-C to USB-C 120MM
USB-C to LIGHTNING Right Angle 120MM

Contact us today to learn more about how our FlexGrip Series iPad mounts and rugged iPad cases can keep your iPad—and, ultimately, you—from missing a beat even on your busiest and longest days.