Welcoming the X-naut FlexGrip Series

Welcoming the X-naut FlexGrip Series

As pilots have become reliant on CPU-intensive apps that are prone to overheating the iPad in flight, so have field and service workers on the job. 

And there are many jobs where failure is not an option.

To understand the technology challenges that people face while in the field, we extensively studied the needs of people in occupations like firefighting, electrical and line work, construction, and more.

We also based our new series around our experiences with the first-of-its-kind iPad Cooling Cases and all of the things we've learned from working so closely with the aviation and drone pilot communities. This original line is now known as the Pilot Series, and today we're excited to announce an entirely new line of products from X-naut: The FlexGrip Series. 

Magpower Mounts

We've designed and built a series of products that rise to the occasion, providing nothing short of reliability both wherever the job takes you and however the job gets done. 

Just like the original iPad Cooling Cases, the FlexGrip Series is designed to prevent your iPad from overheating – but with a lot more features that improve the ways these vital organizations work.

An Intelligent System. Built for the way You Work.

Our FlexGrip Series is best thought of as a system of layered components, each standardized and interchangeable to fit your – or your entire fleet's – working style

These layers are essentially stacked on top of each other. Our most built-out configurations have a protective case on top of the iPad, a cooling and charging "brain", the ability to charge both the iPad and battery reserves wirelessly, and a way to carry and mount it. A configuration like this brings the ability to magnetically dock the iPad to the dashboard while driving to the site, wirelessly charging the iPad and battery reserve, while also offering the ability to grab and go instantly when it's time to get to work.

Starting with the protective case is paramount for durability in the field. The FlexGrip Skin tightly holds your iPad and offers protection against drops and shocks. Elastomer construction protects from UV damage and provides chemical resistance. Our design also allows for screen protectors to be used.

The intelligent cooling case and battery reserve, known as the FlexGrip Command Center, automatically switches the fans on and off to prevent overheating. Built-in high-capacity rechargeable batteries both power the iPad and the fans while off the charging dock.

The charging dock is probably our most innovative solution yet, and we call it MagPower. By using a system of powerful magnetic forces and military-grade electronic connections, you can instantly dock your iPad and case to the windshield, dashboard, workbench or other mounts of your choice. Magnetic guides and a key system automatically position your iPad in place. Then it begins charging instantly, wirelessly. Best of all, you can make any mount with a standard AMPS (38mm x 30mm) Pattern a MagPower Mount by adding our MagPower Receiver and simply plugging the Receiver mount's end in.

The FlexGrip system can be used with or without the FlexGrip Command Center. When you're using the Command Center, you'll want the MagPower AMPS, which bolts directly onto the Command Center's rear mount pattern. For situations where iPad battery life and overheating aren't risks, the MagPower Grip can be clamped directly to the iPad in lieu of the Command Center.

And we have much more to share.

Head over to our detailed announcement page to learn even more or pre-order the FlexGrip Series now for shipment in mid-September 2019.


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X-naut Flexgrip Series
The MagPower Grip can be clamped directly to the iPad