New: The X-naut iPad Cooling Case for iPad Pro 11"

June 2019

The iPad Pro 11" took the market by storm when it was announced in November. The new size, coupled with the faster processing power, meant that flight enthusiasts had access to a brighter and more capable iPad without the bulk of the 12.9" variant. 

Of course, questions came in right away about whether we'd be able to build a new iPad cooling case by the time summer rolled around – which is no small feat! Suffice to say, we got right to the task and are excited to announce the X-naut iPad Cooling Case for the iPad Pro 11" will be ready to ship at the end of June!

The new size keeps all of the functions designed to prevent your iPad from overheating, such as the 4-fan system and lightweight shell to minimize heat transmission. For the iPad Pro 11" exclusively, look to the right of the case and you'll find a new exterior tray that holds your Apple Pencil in place.

Preorder your new 11" X-naut today and be the first to receive it when it ships at the end of the month!

iPad Pro 11 Case with Apple Pencil Holder

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