X-naut Announces Comprehensive Line of Aviation Components

X-naut Announces Comprehensive Line of Aviation Components

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August 26, 2019

New sizes for Pilot Series iPad Cooling Cases Included in the launch

(LONG BEACH, CA) X-naut, the creator of the first-of-its-kind iPad Cooling Case, announced today a new series of products designed to complement its trusted and well-regarded cooling case line. The X-naut Precision Mounts are specially designed by X-naut to provide a strong, vibration-free hold when used with X-naut’s Pilot Series iPad Cooling Cases. 

The line of mounts includes single and dual suction cup variants to stay attached to the glass and other non-porous surfaces, as well as a clamp-based version to grab hold on a yoke shaft or any exposed tube. The 3 mounts, built of lightweight, yet durable aluminum, are infinitely adjustable based on their double ball joint design.

“Our mission with the Pilot Series is to help our fellow aviation enthusiasts fly safer by offering reliable solutions to prevent iPad overheating,” said Darren Saravis, CEO and founder of X-naut. “Part of this includes making it easy for our customers to get off the ground sooner by developing a complete ecosystem of cooling cases, mounts, and accessories. We sought to reduce the customers’ time spent going through the trouble of figuring out how everything works together, often requiring adapters and components from other brands.”

In partnership with Hoodman Corporation, leading accessory provider to the broadcast video and motion picture industry, X-naut also announced a new cockpit visor. The X-naut Cockpit Visor eliminates glare on iPad screens in both portrait and landscape orientations. Apart from two sizes for mini and standard-sized iPads, the X-naut Cockpit Visor is universally compatible with the different variants of iPad Cooling Cases. 

Wrapping up the exciting product launch was a new 11” size of the Pilot Series iPad Cooling Case, designed to be compatible with the latest iPad Pro models. This highly-requested new size also includes a magnetic dock to house the Apple Pencil.

The X-naut Precision Mounts, iPad 11” Cooling Case, and cockpit visor are all in stock and ready to ship at x-naut.com. 

X-naut Precision Mounts and iPad 11” Cooling Case
Cockpit Visor

About X-naut

X-naut designs products that enable people to work and play in extreme temperatures, including the first-of-its-kind iPad Active Cooling Case. X-naut’s core belief is that technology tools should not limit the ability to execute mission-critical tasks. 

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