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When you rely on your iPad for work, the last thing you want is for it to take a tumble when you’re moving from one place to the next. Fortunately, at X-naut, we offer an iPad neck/ shoulder strap designed to help you securely carry your device each step of the way.

The More You Carry, the More You Get Done

Improved Capacity and Support: Our neck/ shoulder strap and bracket are created to enhance your carrying capabilities. Housed in a sturdy Cooling Case, your iPad can be securely strapped over your shoulder, leaving you free to work with your hands.

Easy to Mount: The bracket is designed to attach to accessory rails that are located opposite the non-clamping sides of our FlexGrip Command Center and MagPower Grip. It has two strong loops at either end for attaching the strap with robust latches.

Easy to Adjust: The strap can be easily adjusted using slides to be as long or short as you need it. In addition, the latches allow the strap to easily be removed and re-attached when you’re in a rush.

The iPad Neck/ Shoulder Strap and Bracket are available with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We ship worldwide at X-naut and offer a 30-day return policy.

Note: the Cooling Case is not included in your purchase.

iPad Support Systems That Serve You Long and Well

X-naut products were designed to be the best in the world at offering support for iPad users in rugged and outdoor work conditions. Check out our range of iPad Cooling Cases and accessories and equip yourself with the gear you need to get the most out of your day.

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1: What is the purpose of a neck/shoulder strap?

The purpose of a neck/shoulder strap & bracket is to provide a convenient and comfortable way to carry a camera or other equipment, allowing the user to keep their hands free while also reducing the risk of dropping the equipment.

2: Do I need a neck/shoulder strap and a bracket for my camera?

Whether or not you need a neck/shoulder strap and a bracket for your camera depends on your specific needs and how you plan to use your equipment. However, both can be useful accessories for many photographers.

3: What is the purpose of a bracket?

The purpose of a bracket is to provide a stable and secure platform for accessories, allowing the user to attach them to the camera or other equipment in a way that minimizes vibration and movement.