How long does it take to process orders before shipping?

Allow up to 48 hours-weekends are excluded.

What is your return policy?

Our policy is a 60-day money back guarantee + 1-year warranty. 
To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it along with the original packaging. All returns can be processed through this link: https://x-naut.returnly.com.

Will holidays delay shipping? 

Yes, during holidays your shipment may be delayed.

Will the Active Cooling Mount fit my iPad?

Compatible with: iPad™ Air Versions 1 | 2, iPad™ Pro 9.7" and NEW iPad 9.7 2017" and iPad mini™ Versions 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

*If you don't know your iPad model, please check the model number located on the back of your iPad and use our sizing chart to see if your model number is listed.

Or visit this link on the Apple Website. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: For most effective cooling, place the home button on your iPad on the same side as bottom lip of Cooling Mount. Correct iPad placement, see illustration below.


WARNING: Do not force iPad into Active Cooling Mount, this may result in damage to your iPad. Remove bumpers when using iPad Mini 1-3. Depending on the model of iPad, you may configure the ACM according to the chart below.

Will the Active Cooling Mount work with my MYGOFLIGHT mounts?

The Active Cooling Mount IPDA (iPad Air version) needs the  Sport - GPS Adapter to work with MYGOFLIGHT mounts.

However, the Active Cooling Mount IPDM (iPad Mini version) needs the MYGOFLIGHT© Amp Adapter and MYGOFLIGHT Puck Adapter to work with MYGOFLIGHT mounts.

How do I power my Active Cooling Mount?

Choose between a Micro USB power source, or AA batteries.

Does the Active Cooling Mount charge my iPad™?

Unfortunately no. The iPad Cooler's main use is for mitigating overheating.

Have you tested the Active Cooling Mount? 

Yes, and we found that in 100°F ambient temperature with a full solar load, X-naut mitigated over-heating of the iPad. Actual conditions may vary. Check out the testing of the cooler. Our Video

How much power does the X-naut draw?

The Active cooling mount/ iPad Mini draws 1 amps at 5 volts.

The Active cooling mount/ iPad Air draws 2 amps at 5 volts.

How many batteries does the Active Cooling Mount need?

Mini = 4 AA / Air = 8AA

How big is the Active Cooling Mount?

iPad Air Cooling System
Dimensions: 9.7in x 7in x 1.5in
iPad Mini Cooling System
Dimensions: 8.3in x 5.6in x 1.7in

How heavy is the Active Cooling Mount?

iPad Mini Cooling System
7.8 oz

iPad Air Cooling System
10.3 oz

Will the Active Cooling Mount protect my iPad from falls?

Unfortunately, no. The iPad™ Cooler's main use is for mitigating overheating. Dropping the iPad Cooler may cause damage to the iPad.

Which iPad Models are compatible with Active Cooling Mount? 

Compatible with:  iPad™ Air Versions 1 | 2 iPad™, iPad™ Pro 9.7" and iPad mini™ Versions 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Does it come in any other colors?

At this time the Active Cooling Mount is only sold in black.

Can I get an Active Cooling Mount without the x-naut logo?

Unfortunately not at this time, but if you are interested in buying any custom X-naut products please contact info@xnaut.com and we will consider your request.

How many compartments does the carrying case have?


What is this Battery Pouch for?

Holding an USB external battery pack to power various items such as your tablet or the Active Cooling Mount. Battery pack is not included with the Battery Pouch.

Is the pouch adjustable?

yes, the velcro strap that is attached to the pouch can be adjusted.


What is a kneeboard?

When used with the Active Cooling Mount, the kneeboard rotates 360º and mounts to your leg with a universally adjustable strap.

Is the kneeboard strap adjustable?

yes, it is via an elastic Velcro strap. One size fits all. 

Does the kneeboard work with both Active Cooling Mount (Mini and Air)?

Yes, the mounting bracket is the same for both of them. To attach the kneeboard to the Mini please position each hole separately, using the swivel to position the holes. The patterns will not align without manual alignment for the Mini set-up.