iPad Cooling Solutions for Outdoor Workers in High Temperatures

iPad Cooling Solutions for Outdoor Workers in High Temperatures

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If you work outdoors in hot climates with the sun beating down on you all day and also rely on an iPad to get the job done, you’re probably all-too-familiar with the dreaded overheating message your iPad displays. Believe it or not, there is an iPad cooling solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of a simple protective Cooling Case designed just for this.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to stop an iPad from overheating with the right iPad protection. It’s easy if you have the right supplies!

Why You Need to Find an iPad Cooling Solution

Your iPad shuts itself down at high temperatures to protect itself. If it didn’t shut down, the electronic chips, batteries, and other internal mechanisms could self-destruct or even catch fire, destroying your device and causing unknowable damage and/or injury. 

Yes, we believe iPads should have been designed with fans in the first place to better withstand outdoor temperatures, but that doesn’t solve your problem. Instead, accommodate your device to your outdoor workplace by purchasing purpose-built iPad protection

Having an immediate problem? Learn what to do if your iPad overheats.

Perfect for Outdoor Vehicle Operators, Including Pilots and Truck Drivers

Devices work overtime under the direct sunlight of a dashboard, which is often amplified by the greenhouse effect and a black surface. If you operate a vehicle with your iPad directly under the window, you can experience overheating in mission-critical situations. If you rely on your iPad for GPS tracking, airport information, fuel logs, checklists, or other essential functions, the last thing you need is for your device to blackout. All pilots and outdoor machinery operators are likely aware of the exasperation and inconvenience this causes, not to mention the potential danger. 

A Cooling Case completely remedies this issue, providing the essential iPad protection your device needs. Here’s how!

How To Stop iPads from Overheating Using Cooling Cases

The X-naut iPad cooling solution was developed firstly by identifying the areas of the iPad most likely to overheat using thermal imaging. Using this information, a case was designed with four cooling fans intended to cool the most at-risk parts of the device. The result was a high-quality Cooling Case created using injection molding, designed to keep your device cool in even the most extreme conditions.

To use this Cooling Case, you simply affix the case to the back of your device and power it using AA batteries or a USB. It’s as simple as that! Ensure your Cooling Case is running whenever you’re outside or exposing your device to direct sunlight, even when you’re not actively using it. 

Taking this simple level of iPad protection lets your device last longer and serve you better. Any outdoor worker or vehicle operator can rely on this Cooling Case for long days out on the job without risking a shutdown during a mission-critical situation. Shop X-naut for practical, utilitarian iPad cooling solutions that keep you safe and ready to tackle any job!