iPad Overheating Test

iPad Overheating Test

The X-naut Challenge
Mojave Desert Road Trip - iPad Overheating Test 

We took our iPad Cooling Case for iPads to the desert to see how fast an iPad without the Cooling Case would overheat and shut down and if the iPad with the Cooling Case would keep the iPad cool and operational. 

We went to the Mojave Desert (High Desert) region in Southern California to conduct our test, where temperatures in the summer months reach average highs of over 110 degrees, well above suggested iPad temperature limits. We conducted the test in the mid-afternoon to ensure that temperatures in the car would get EXTREME!


We set up a side-by-side test to see how quickly an iPad overheats and shuts down without our Cooling Case and if the iPad with the Active Cooling Mount would keep cool when reaching typical iPad temperature limits
This challenge was designed to visually demonstrate what happens when high temperatures and running applications will do to an iPad. Will the iPad overheat without the Active Cooling Mount? How effectively will the Cooling Case keep the iPad cool in hot weather?


The test was conducted using two identical iPad models: the Apple iPad Air 32GB. Both were running the Google Maps application. Both iPads were positioned so the backs were exposed through the windshield of the car. The car did not run air conditioning and all windows were closed. Both iPads were fully charged.

two iPads on car dashboard during Mojave Desert ipad overheating test


We measured 3 data points at the same time:

  • Channel 1: iPad with Cooling Case - The iPad Cooling Case was running using AA batteries.
  • Channel 2: iPad without Cooling Case
  • Channel 4: Ambient Air Temperature

These data points were collected by a multi-channel temperature data logger that we set up in the car, attaching probes to the back of the iPad units and within the car to collect temperatures. The car was moving throughout the test.


After just 16 minutes, the iPad without the Cooling Case overheated and shut down, registering a temperature of 126 degrees. The iPad with the Cooling Case stayed at 115 degrees and was operational. The ambient temperature inside the vehicle was 110 degrees. 

The iPad Cooling Case kept the iPad cool and operational under extreme conditions. iPad overheating during mission-critical tasks and applications is a serious issue that can be costly and dangerous. The X-naut Cooling Case is the best way to keep an iPad cool in hot weather. It gives users peace of mind that their devices will stay cool beyond typical iPad temperature limits.

Prevent iPad overheating!!

 iPad without Cooling Case displaying overheated temperature warning

The iPad Cooling Case was developed after a real-world situation that
X-naut CEO Darren Saravis, also a pilot, experienced when his iPad overheated and shut off during a mission-critical situation while flying. This extreme situation led Darren to launch X-naut and develop the iPad Cooling Case. 

The technology was developed by conducting extensive thermal imaging tests to identify the main areas of the iPad that run the hottest. Using this data, we developed an injection-molded, ventilated case with built-in cooling fans that direct airflow over the back of the iPad.

As the iPad Cooling Case’s popularity has grown in the aviation sector, other business segments have emerged, fueling the need to develop solutions that cater to markets that utilize iPads in extreme temperatures. 

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About X-naut:

When Every Mission is Critical

X-naut designs solutions that enable people to work and play above suggested iPad temperature limits. We believe that technology tools should not limit the ability to execute mission-critical tasks. It is in this belief that X-naut’s flagship product, the iPad Cooling Case, was designed, tested, and approved by the aviation market. This incredible product prevents iPads from overheating in even extreme conditions, making it the ideal way to keep an iPad cool in hot weather for the commercial sector and casual users alike. At X-naut, our goal is to move people forward by removing boundaries created by extreme temperatures. 

Keep Cool and Fly Safe!

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Video Transcript 

Hey. We're out here in the high desert in California. We have two identical iPads. One with X-Naut, one without and our mission is to test these iPads and see exactly how long it takes for them to shut down under extreme heat conditions.

We're about to start our test. We have channel one which is with the X-Naut and then we have channel two which is just a regular iPad and then we have channel four which is our ambient air temperature and we're about to take off.

Our X-Naut is going right now at a 112 degrees and our regular iPad is turned off. Not responding because of temperature and I think this test is concluded. The X-Naut is cool and stays cool.