Review: X-Naut iPad Cooling Case For iPad

UAS Weekly X-Naut Active Cooling Mount for iPAD review

The X-Naut iPad Cooling Cases for iPads was recently given an outstanding review by UAS Weekly, an independent and authoritative source for Unmanned Aerial Systems and Drone industry news and information.  

Within the product review their own real world testing of the product, flying in harsh conditions within the Arizona desert.

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"The X-Naut has been getting great reviews and we are going to agree. The X-Naut is a must have if you fly in extreme conditions. We consider it a mandatory piece of safety equipment for any pilot using an iPad as their sole source of in-flight information. If your a UAS operator the X-Naut is a great option to keep your iPad cool and keep you flying. We will be using the X-Naut on every flight.

The X-Naut for iPad Air 1-2 and 9.7″ iPad Pro is available for $199.95 and the X-Naut for iPad Mini 1-4 is available for $179.95. Drone Controller Bracket for DJI Phantom and Inspire Mobile Device Holders: $39.99."

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