iPad Overheating: An Extreme Issue for Businesses, Freelancers, and More

iPad Overheating: An Extreme Issue for Businesses, Freelancers, and More

X-naut’s iPad Overheating Solution Provides Businesses, Freelancers, Prosumers, and others with the Confidence to Use iPads in Mission Critical Situations

Updated June, 2019

X-naut's solution for iPad Overheating is the iPad cooling case that attaches to the iPad

The popularity of the iPad is not surprising, estimates point to over 360 million sold since Apple launched the product category in 2010. The meteoric adoption of the iPad in the consumer space has now been eclipsed by the adoption in business sectors. As reported by the  New York Times, nearly half of all iPad sales are to businesses.

To complete the ecosystem, developers are producing business-specific apps and software at a record pace to facilitate the usage of iPads in market segments. This has led to iPads being used in extreme conditions, creating an environment where iPads run hot, overheat and ultimately shutoff.

Example of market segments that utilize iPads for mission-critical applications:

  • Aviation pilots utilizing iPads for navigation-Foreflight
  • Drone pilots like DJI Phantom aerial photographers and videographers
  • iPads for POS in the retail sector
  • EMS (Emergency Services) Ambulance, Fire and Police
  • Transportation
  • Inventory Management
  • Field Surveying
  • AgTech

To provide a solution for this growing need X-naut developed the iPad Cooling Case for iPads designed specifically to prevent iPads from overheating in extreme conditions. Developed from a real-world situation, Darren Saravis, CEO of X-naut and pilot, experienced his iPad overheating and shutting off during a mission-critical situation while flying. After this event, Darren launched X-naut and developed the iPad Cooling Case for iPads. The goal was to provide pilots with a product that would keep iPads cool during mission critical situations. As the popularity of the product rose in the aviation market other business segments emerged and more use cases were developed to provide a solution for this potentially dangerous situation.

The iPad Cooling Case for iPad was developed by conducting extensive thermal imaging tests to identify the main areas of the iPad that run the hottest. Using this data an injected molded vented case and built-in cooling fans that direct airflow over the back of the iPad was developed. Darren Saravis, CEO of X-naut, provides an in-depth overview in this video at the Heli Expo.

X-naut Challenge Video- See How the Active Cooling Case Performs

iPads run hot and potentially overheat from many factors, highly intensive applications, hi-resolution video, charging while running highly intensive applications, high temperatures, and direct solar exposure. iPads core operating temperature is stated as between 32 and 95 degrees and users will start to see a denigration in performance as the iPad’s internal temperature starts to increase. The iPad Cooling Case keeps the iPad at the optimal operating temperature so the iPad’s performance stays at peak efficiency for mission-critical tasks.

About The X-naut iPad Cooling Cases

The iPad Cooling Cases for iPads comes in three sizes, Mini, Air/Pro 9.7”, and Air/Pro 10.5". An 11" version is currently in development. The cases can run continuously for 15 hours with AA batteries or can be charged with an external charger via micro USB.  Compatibility with the top mount providers was an essential part of product development. The iPad Cooling Case for iPads has the RAM Mount AMP pattern, and X-naut has developed its own line of mounts. These iPad mount options provide solutions for:

  • Planes
  • Cars
  • Long and Short Haul Trucks
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Firetrucks
  • Police Cars and Vans

Additionally, a drone bracket that is compatible with the DJI Mobile Device Holder for Phantom and Inspire is available.

The iPad Cooling Case for iPads is a must-have iPad accessory for businesses and prosumers who cannot risk an iPad shut down. This is the first iPad overheating solution on the market that addresses an immediate pain point for businesses that use iPads day in and day out to run successfully. As business use cases evolve and the iPad continues to become the backbone of operations, X-naut will bring to market additional cooling and heating solutions to provide solutions to business markets.