Announcing Second Generation iPad Pro 11 Pilot Series Cooling Case

In March of 2020 Apple had launched their second generation iPad Pro 11. This iPad is considered to be one of the most powerful iPads to date. It’s no surprise why pilots everywhere have been purchasing one of the best iPads on the market. What better way to maintain the life expectancy of your brand new iPad than with the best cooling case on the market. 

We saw the demand for the second generation iPad Pro 11 Pilot Series Cooling Case and went straight into designing! The main structural difference between the 1st and 2nd Generation iPad Pro 11 is the camera size. The rectangular camera design allows for an additional camera as well as an LiDAR Sensor. When designing the new cooling case we wanted to make sure the customer was still able to fully utilize the new camera on their iPad. 

This new case keeps all the great features you love about the Pilot Series Cooling Case including our patented , proven cooling technology along with 4 low-noise cooling fans! The second generation case is also compatible with our kneeboard, rotating hand strap, and claw yoke mount to name a few. This lightweight cooling case is perfect for any pilot! 

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iPad Pro 11 Second Gen Pilot Series Cooling Case