Increasing the Lifespan of Your iPad With a Cooling Case

Regardless of your profession, whether you’re a pilot, a construction worker, or a firefighter, making an iPad your go-to technology for the majority of your operations can streamline your processes. That being said, the same tech that supports your work is also faced with the same challenges. Should the rugged conditions of the outdoor environment get to your iPad, such as the heat (caused by both the outdoors and device use), your investment will seem far less beneficial.

Luckily, you can increase your iPad lifespan with the right guidance and supporting products. If overheating is a common issue for you, here’s an overview of why overheating is bad, what a Cooling Case will do, and how you can get started.


The Issue: High Temps Aren’t Good for Your iPad

Some heat is expected when operating your iPad as it is an electronic device that will have a rising core temperature as you continue to use it. However, Apple products were not necessarily designed to be in places where the ambient temperatures exceed 95° F and where the devices are being placed directly in the sunlight. Batteries perform better when their environment is cooler, and high temps can greatly impact battery performance or even ruin your battery altogether if the heat is strong enough.

But what are you supposed to do if you work in an outdoor environment where high heat is nearly unavoidable? How do you keep your iPad’s maintenance in good shape?

The Solution: A Cooling Case Provides a Better Environment for Your Device

Making the decision to purchase a Cooling Case is the best way to protect your iPad’s lifespan and ensure that it’ll continue to operate in more extreme conditions.

With that in mind, not just any Cooling Case will do. The right Cooling Case will offer features like:

  • Automatic heat detection and multiple fans to keep your device protected once a certain ambient temperature is reached (this is especially helpful if you have a device that has a core temperature that may get too hot for your liking as well)
  • Built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power your Cooling Case so you don’t have to worry about using precious battery life on your iPad to maintain the fan systems
  • Stronger modes designed to prevent overheating from happening when your device is exposed to extremely high temperatures that could cause severe damage to your device and its internal components
  • Plenty of accessories that make it easier to operate your iPad while providing it with the constant iPad maintenance and protection it needs in your environment

iPads are major investments, and you want to ensure that the iPad lifespan on every device that you own within your workforce is protected as you continue to rely on them. When there is no other option but to continue to use these devices in your work environment, a Cooling Case means the difference between a healthy battery and a battery that can reduce the lifespan of your iPad by months or years. With the right cooling system on your side, you can rest assured that your iPad has the protection it needs to operate effectively in any conditions you may find yourself in.

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iPad resting near a pool

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