X-naut Tough Mount Double Ball iPad wall mount

How an iPad Wall Mount Will Keep You and Your iPad Safe

X-naut Tough Mount Double Ball iPad wall mount

iPads have quickly gone from being a preference to absolute essentials for work in a number of industries, and especially so in aviation and construction. When you think about all the efficiencies an iPad creates during work, it’s not all that surprising. Pilots have found that iPads contribute to safety and improved in-flight management. They can be used not just for flight planning, but also as weather data sources, maps, balance/weight calculators, NOTAM checkers, and more. Construction workers prefer iPads over laptops for the superior mobility they offer in a rugged work environment. They can use the iPads mounted on a wall or carry them as needed throughout the site. They’re also helpful to store, access, and share documentation that is so essential in the construction industry. 

iPads show similar utility across so many other sectors, including in cinematography, real estate, security and surveillance, and, of course, as work devices in the business world in general. iPad shipments grew as much as 40% year-on-year at the end of 2020 to record its best-ever showing since 2014. 

This increased utility has spawned an entire ecosystem of technology dedicated to improving convenience for iPad users. Wall mounts for iPad safety, for instance, are increasingly popular. They’re essentially attachments that help you stabilize your device against a flat surface, like walls, tables, or even the outside of your vehicle. They’re a great way to protect your iPad during the stresses of everyday usage. This blog lists all the ways a wall mount keeps your device and your work safe as you’re using it.

Prevents Mishaps

A good wall mount will support your iPad, all day if you need it to, while you go about your work. It means you don’t have to handle the iPad yourself and possibly run the risk of dropping or damaging it in the middle of vigorous activity. This is perfect for someone who works everyday in a workshop, for example.


It’s unavoidable to use iPads outdoors in hot weather conditions. However, this often leads to your iPad overheating, resulting in a choppy video feed, rapid battery drainage, and, in general, a malfunctioning device. When combined with a cooling system, a wall mount prevents your iPad from overheating, letting you work efficiently. X-naut’s Pilot Series of Cooling Cases was developed specifically to help evenly distribute airflow across the back of your device. It keeps your iPad cool in temperatures as high as 90-plus degrees, improving its lifespan and utility for you.

Connectivity Is Not Compromised

A stable data connection is crucial when using an iPad, so as to be able to readily access and share information. An open-design iPad wall mount allows unhampered internet and Bluetooth connectivity for your tablet. This means your device is always synced with the cloud ensuring the safety of your iPad’s data.

iPad Charging

Battery drainage can be a real problem if you use your iPad frequently. Moreover, the logistics of where you’re working may not always allow for a nearby cable or a socket to plug in your device. X-naut’s FlexGrip Series is a revolutionary product range that not only stabilizes your iPad but charges it at the same time. A FlexGrip Cooling Case is easily attached to X-naut’s iPad wall mount, enabling you to get much more out of your device.

Critical Missions Aren’t Endangered

Whether you’re an in-flight pilot, a drone operator, a surveillance technician, construction worker, or any of a number of other professionals that depend on iPads for project success, it’s imperative for you to have a stabilizing system to protect your device, your mission, and indeed yourself. When subjected to extreme stresses, your iPad can become unsafe to handle. This is where an iPad wall mount comes in handy, ensuring critical projects aren’t interrupted by a case of wet hands.  

If you use your smartphone a lot, you’d consider investing in a case and a stand for it. The same ought to be true for your iPad. Only in this case, there’s arguably more at stake if your device fails you. If you’re looking for a reliable, versatile iPad wall mount, you won’t do better than X-naut’s Toughmount Double Ball. Not only does it completely secure your iPad, but it also allows for ultimate flexibility with 360° rotation. It’s also the only wall mount compatible with X-naut’s patented Cooling Case support systems that improve longevity and all-terrain usage experience for your device. Get in touch for more information!