Fireman putting out a house fire

How X-Naut Products Have Helped First Responders

First responders bear an enormous responsibility. In this line of work, having the right technology is crucial to being able to save lives and navigate dangerous conditions on the field.

Fortunately, we here at X-Naut have designed a range of products tailored for first responders to ensure that they have the protection and coverage they need while operating technology for their job. Let’s dive into how our first responder tech has helped these workers and what types of products you can find here at X-Naut.

FlexGrip Series Cooling Cases Keep iPads Functioning

Fireman putting out a house fire

From navigation to mapping the scene with search and rescue drones to taking notes on critical operation info, iPads are one of the most essential tools in your arsenal. The problem? Once you’re around the intense heat of a fire or harsh environment, your iPad overheats and shuts down.

Our first responder tech like the FlexGrip Series Cooling Case offers additional protection from shocks and drops while utilizing temperature-sensing fans that kick on regardless of whether you’re in the presence of the sweltering sun or operating near fire hazards. More importantly, these devices come with built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to offer extended runtime for your device. When you need comprehensive and prolonged protection, the FlexGrip Series from X-Naut is designed to help you tackle any conditions. 

Manage Your Devices With FlexGrip and Drone Accessories

All-in-one first responder tech is important, but what few may consider is that add-ons and accessories play a major role in your experience as well. When your team needs to operate search and rescue drones from inside a vehicle, you’re going to need FlexGrip accessories like seat rails or double ball mounts. If you’re operating on your feet and you’re worried about maintaining your grip on your barbecue, you may instead want a rotating handstrap to secure your iPad. For those operating drones, monitor hoods help keep your iPad safe from the heat and the glare of the sun so you can see the drone’s camera on your iPad screen. 

There’s no shortage of stellar first responder tech here at X-Naut, but our accessories play just as big a role in making sure that you have everything you need to operate your iPad safely and confidently. 

Ensure Your Devices Stay Charged

Photo of iPad and Apple Pencil

Your iPad should be as reliable as you are, but tech is limited by their batteries. That’s why we developed our MagPower Series, the first responder tech that keeps your gear charged. 

FlexGrip Series Cooling Cases prevent your iPad from overheating, and you’ll still find these in the MagPower system. However, the MagPower bundles go an extra step by offering first responders a magnetic case that keeps your device continuously charged as you operate it. When your equipment is such a crucial part of your job and of the health and safety of others, you need first responder tech that takes no chances with your iPad. 

Get the Support You Need With X-Naut

Our products are crucial for helping your iPad manage everything from navigation to search and rescue drones. With tech you can’t find anywhere else, we equip you with everything you need to keep your iPads cool, charged, and completely functional no matter what you’re facing on the field. Better yet, we offer a 30-day return policy, a one-year manufacturer warranty, and worldwide shipping for guaranteed satisfaction with your first responder tech. 

If your team needs support that goes above and beyond to address critical tech issues like overheating and issues with battery life, explore our selection. X-Naut has you covered.