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What Is the Best iPad Size for Pilots?

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Compact, high-performance, and easy to operate, iPads allow you to navigate the skies and carry all of your essential documentation and tools with you. But when it comes to purchasing an iPad for these purposes, what’s the best iPad size for pilots? Here’s why choosing an iPad size plays a crucial role in your experience and what you should begin looking for when you start shopping around for a new iPad to include in your cockpit. 

So What Is the Best iPad Size? Well, That Depends

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When you’re choosing the best iPad size for your needs, you’ll want to consider: 

Size in Relation to the Cockpit

One of the most important parts of choosing an iPad size is determining how well your new device is going to fit into your space. If you’re a commercial airline pilot with ample room to operate in, the best iPad size for your specific needs might be a bit larger. If, on the other hand, you’re flying your own plane, you might have less room for your tech, which means a smaller iPad. Consider this first when you’re looking for a new iPad. 

Weight and Ease of Use

The larger the iPad, the heavier it’s going to be. If your new iPad is too heavy for you to seamlessly use while you’re flying your plane, you might drop it. Look for the best iPad size that you can safely and effectively use during flights. Consider how they will hold up with claw yoke mounts or single suction mounts, or whether or not you can use them with a kneeboard or a rotating handstrap as well. 

Choosing Accessories

Making sure that you have the right accessories is critical to getting the best possible functionality. For example, whether you have an iPad Mini or an iPad Pro, using a Cooling Case makes sure your iPad never overheats on the flight. However, you will need to consider the size of your accessories and how much they might affect the flight experience and usability when you’re choosing an iPad size. In the case of our Cooling Cases, they don’t add much extra weight to your iPad — just a whole lot of cooling.

What You’re Getting With Your Device

The best iPad size is not only the one that is the easiest to use, but the one that comes with everything you need during your flight. Take, for example, the 5th generation iPad Pro. This iPad is substantially larger at 12.9 inches. However, it also comes with up to two terabytes of storage, 5G capability, and an antireflective screen with a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. Meanwhile, the iPad 9th Gen offers up to 256 gigabytes of storage, 4G capability, and a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. Choosing an iPad size isn’t just about considering the size and weight, but the performance and features as well. 

Make sure that you look at the current models to see how they compare and whether or not they can support your in-flight needs. If you do go with an older version, make sure that it’s in great condition and that it’s functional with all of the accessories and products that you will be pairing with it. You can’t be too careful when purchasing tech for your flight experience. 

Put simply, choosing the best iPad size will vary depending on what your working environment looks like and which factors will contribute to your device’s functionality. Use the items above to better determine which iPad will be the right fit for your needs in the cockpit. You might end up with a completely different iPad model than you initially anticipated! 

X-naut Is Here to Support Your New Tech

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