Keep Your iPad Mini Functioning Optimally With iPad Mini 6 Cases From X-naut

As a pilot, your job is to ensure that your passengers make it to their destinations safely—but one of the most notoriously difficult obstacles to navigate is overheating tech. Popular industry devices like iPads are known to heat up quickly, both due to the computing power required to operate multiple complex programs at a time as well as environmental conditions like hot cabins or direct sunlight.

The good news? X-naut’s Cooling Cases for the iPad Mini 6 address this issue, keeping your iPad cool and functional no matter where your journey may take you. Keep your iPad Mini safe with a fan-cooled case from X-naut!

Unique iPad Mini 6 Cooling Cases You Can Only Find at X-naut

Our fan-cooled cases are a unique solution for pilots that you can only find here at X-naut. Dust and moisture-resistant blades make it easy for you to keep your iPad cool mid-flight, and it’s easy to keep your case charged with AA batteries or micro USB power (which can be easily toggled with a single button).

You can even easily mount your case and device to the yoke or the side of the plane with X-naut accessories like the Single Suction Mount or the Claw Yoke Mount. No matter what you need to navigate the skies with confidence, X-naut has it!


1. How does the cooling fan work?

The cooling fan is powered by a rechargeable battery and can be turned on or off by pressing the button on the back of the case. When the fan is on, it circulates air through the vents in the case to keep your iPad Mini 6 cool.

2. Is the case compatible with other iPad models?

No, the case is specifically designed for the iPad Mini 6 and may not fit other models.

3. Can the case be charged wirelessly?

No, the case needs to be charged via the included USB-C cable.

Keep Your Tech Functional and Secure With X-naut

X-naut offers more than just a wide range of accessories and fan-cooled cases for your iPad Mini 6 (and beyond). We also have worldwide shipping to make sure that your tech gets to you no matter where you are, a one-year manufacturer warranty to help you address any issues that might arise, and a 30-day return policy in case you’re not satisfied with your pilot series Cooling Cases or accessories. Ready to make overheating a thing of the past? Buy now or contact us if you have any questions!

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