Why Your iPad Still Overheats in the Sun When Flying in Cold Climates

iPads are versatile pieces of tech that can be leveraged to guide you through the skies and act as a central database to store all of your necessary files and applications. However, even iPads are prone to common issues, like your iPad overheating in the sun. For those who find themselves frequently flying in cooler climates, this can be especially exasperating. If you find that your iPad tends to overheat even when your cockpit seems cool, let’s dive into why this happens and what can be done about it. 

Why Does My iPad Overheat in Cooler Temperature? 

Photo of an iPad lock screen

Because your iPad is in both a cooler climate and cool conditions inside of the cockpit, you may assume that your iPad is going to last throughout the duration of your trip. However, this isn’t necessarily true. iPads overheating in the sun can be caused by the heat generated by your iPad’s processing power when you launch and run demanding apps. With that in mind, there’s also one condition that many pilots may not think of: the sunlight itself. 

An iPad in sunlight can quickly result in your iPad overheating in the sun, especially if it’s already hot to the touch. This is due to the fact that the sunlight is easily absorbed by the black screen, exacerbating technical issues and causing it to push past the 95°F that triggers the automatic shut-off feature on your iPad. This explains why, even when you’re flying in a region known for its colder climates, you still end up with that error screen after only a little time spent in the sky.

The good news? There is a solution to help you keep your iPad running seamlessly throughout your trips. 

Cooling Cases and Mounts

An iPad overheating in the sun is more common than you may think, but you don’t have to let it ruin your flights through both hot and cooler climates. One way to combat overheating is to invest in a product like an X-naut Pilot Series Cooling Case that utilizes low-noise fan technology to keep your iPad cool, regardless of the internal or external conditions. When paired with helpful accessories like a single suction mount, you can ensure that your iPad is at the ready, secure, and running optimally whenever you need it. 

Rely on X-naut for Your iPad Protection Gear

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Here at X-naut, we’re dedicated to helping pilots like you keep your technology protected and functional. Whether you’re dealing with an iPad overheating in the sun or you’re finding it difficult to keep it nearby so that you can quickly check your directions, we supply you with the tools you need to make your piloting experience simpler. With our effective, industry-leading cooling cases, 1-year manufacturer warranty, and worldwide shipping, the pilot gear to protect your iPad in sunlight and in any other conditions is just a click away. 

Have any questions? Contact us today, so you can feel confident when you place your first order with us!