The Best Aircraft iPad Mounts for the Cockpit

Photo of an airplane wing in the sky

As a pilot, having all of your navigational tools within reach is critical to staying the course and avoiding any potential complications along your flight path. Many will rely on technology like iPads for navigation as they traverse the sky.

The issue? Being able to use your tech while flying your plane can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment for your iPad while you’re using it. If this is something that you struggle with as you fly, let’s take a look at the best aircraft iPad mount products for the cockpit that address this issue. 

Keep Your iPad Steady and Within Reach Using a Single Suction Mount

Most pilots need their iPad at eye level and within reach so that they can easily keep their hands on their flight controls while simultaneously using their navigational systems. One excellent pilot iPad mount for your flights is a single suction mount. This mount features strong suction technology to support your iPad without accidentally slipping and falling during fights. Simply attach it to the window closest to you, secure your iPad to it, and you’ll have it within your reach at all times. 

If you’re looking for a similar experience, a claw yoke mount can help you secure your iPad to a nearby pole in your cockpit. However, this may not always be available, whereas you can surely find open window space for your aircraft iPad single suction mount. 

Keep Your iPad on You at All Times With a Kneeboard

Some pilots prefer to have their iPad closer to them so that they can frequently use them as they navigate the skies. Is there a better mount for this than the single suction mount?

There is, in fact. One great solution is to use a kneeboard. While a kneeboard isn’t a traditional aircraft iPad mount, it allows you to keep your iPad securely fastened to your knee at all times so that it’s always within reach. You can easily look down to use it or check for directions and flight conditions. 

Now, let’s imagine that you’re a co-pilot in a cockpit tasked with communicating with the control tower and monitoring the controls. In this case, you can use a helpful tool like a rotating handstrap with a kickstand so that you have your iPad in your hand at all times and can set it down when you need to. No matter what type of aircraft iPad mount appeals to you, there are multiple options out there to get the job done. 

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