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When you’re working on an essential task using your iPad—whether you’re on a construction site or own a drive-thru—you can’t afford to have your iPad shut off due to overheating or lack of battery charge. At X-naut, we get this, and that’s why we designed our patented FlexSeries heavy duty iPad case for keeping your device cool. We also engineered our MagPower system for charging your device, which includes our unique magnetic iPad mount designed to keep your device charged and secured as you work and play.

MagPower Accessory Mounting Plate (AMP)

MagPower Grip

MagPower Receiver

How Does MagPower Work?

MagPower provides a magnetic force exceeding 40 pounds so, with this system, you can be confident that your iPad will remain secure as it charges. In addition, the magnetic key and guide system of this magnetic iPad mount makes attachment easy: all you do is set it, then forget it. Even in the toughest situations, the system’s hold on the iPad will be stable and vibration-free, meaning your charge will never be interrupted and your iPad will remain intact long term.

Our MagPower plate is engineered to remain attached to your FlexSeries Cooling Case using four 8-32 flat-head machine screws in a 38mm by 30mm pattern. Then, once you’re done using your iPad, you can remove the MagPower system from your device with the Cooling Case’s easy-to-use clamp feature, our MagPower Grip. This one-size-fits-all grip works with iPads of various generations and sizes. You can’t ask for a stronger, more inclusive, and more user-friendly magnetic iPad mount system.

Additional MagPower System Perks

The MagPower plate features electronic components that are military-grade, so you can rest assured that it will resist wear and tear over the long haul. On top of this, because precision machining is used to create the system, the components of this magnetic iPad mount system will easily withstand corrosion, dirt, and dust for worry-and-hassle-free operation.

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At X-naut, we have three sizes available for our MagPower Grip: 9.7/10.5, 10.2, and 12.9 (the biggest iPad). In fact, we’re the only company with products that can support the 12.9 iPad version, so no matter what size your iPad is, we’ve got you covered. We can help you to choose the right size for your particular device.

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