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How to Keep the Optimal iPad Operating Temperature When Flying a Plane

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The aviation industry relies heavily on technology like iPads to help pilots get to their destinations with ease. However, one of the biggest issues that pilots may encounter along the way is overheating, which can end up making your device unusable until you’re in a more suitable environment. The good news? There are ways to maintain an optimal iPad operating temperature so that you don’t lose vital access to your device throughout your journeys. Here are a few helpful tips on how to keep your iPad from overheating when flying a plane. 

Invest in High-Quality Equipment Designed to Combat Overheating

iPads (and most Apple products) have a reputation for overheating, and it only gets worse once you’re in a hotter environment that causes your iPad to shut down. Because of this, there are many products designed to combat overheating when using your iPad on the job. One of the best tools at your disposal are cooling cases. Cooling cases like those offered by X-naut utilize low-noise, powerful moisture- and dust-resistant fans to maintain an optimal iPad operating temperature as you traverse the skies. Regardless of whether you have an iPad Mini, an iPad Air, or a Pro model, you’ll want the right equipment if you need to know how to keep your iPad from overheating. If you want to protect your iPad and guarantee that you’re not without your tech, products designed specifically for the cockpit are a must. 

Look for Accessories That Support Your iPad

Your iPad’s operating temperature can be controlled with a wide range of accessories that go beyond just the cases that you use. For example, if you use an accessory like a claw yoke mount or a single suction mount to make your iPad easier to use in the cockpit, you might constantly be battling against the sun during every step of your journey. Maintaining an optimal iPad operating temperature is as simple as looking for accessories that you can use alongside your mounts like a Hoodman Cockpit Visor to block out the sun. When you’re looking for ways on how to keep your iPad overheating, remember that the most basic of tools can sometimes offer the most support!

Don’t Assume That Your iPad Won’t Overheat in Cooler Conditions

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One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a pilot is assuming that your iPad’s operating temperature will remain low and stable in cooler environments. It’s a common assumption—after all, if your cockpit is cool, why would your iPad become so overheated that you find yourself unable to use your device? 

There are two major reasons why iPads will overheat even in cooler conditions, and this boils down to the tech itself and the sunlight that’s present in the cockpit once you go above the clouds (or are flying in clear skies). Apple technology overheats when it’s running complex programs, which likely include the apps that you rely on to get to your destination. These apps will increase your iPad’s operating temperature even before you introduce external temperature factors like sunlight.  

This is one of the most important lessons to learn when you’re figuring out how to keep your iPad from overheating. Knowing how to safeguard your iPad against both its own processes and external conditions will ensure that you no longer have to worry about losing access to the crucial technology you need at 30K+ feet. 

Keep Your iPad Cool and Functional With the Support of X-naut

As a pilot, your iPad acts as your navigator, your document folder, and potentially many other tools you need to do your job successfully. This is why it’s important not to leave anything up to chance, especially when it comes to maintaining the optimal iPad operating temperature in the air. With X-naut, you can fly with confidence. Our Pilot Series Cooling Cases are the only product of their kind on the market, leveraging effective air cooling systems to protect your iPad no matter where your job may take you. 

Of course, our extensive range of iPad Cooling Cases and aviation accessories is only the beginning of the support that we provide for you. Additionally, we offer a 30-day return policy, a one-year manufacturer warranty, and worldwide shipping to ensure that these tools can get to you. No matter what model iPad you have or what type of challenges you face in the cockpit, we provide you with the comprehensive coverage you need to navigate the skies with confidence. 

Are you ready to protect your most essential navigation tool? Visit our website and buy now or reach out to our customer service team if you need further support sourcing solutions for all of your aviation needs.