When you operate an airplane, you depend heavily on your new iPad Mini 6 to get you to your destination. Unfortunately, if you have no way of keeping this device cool, you may end up losing your high-tech co-pilot when you need it the most. That’s why we at X-naut are proud to offer a top-of-the-line Cooling Case for the iPad Mini. This iPad case for pilots is designed to help you to work hard as well as play hard even in tough conditions.


Our unparalleled Pilot Series Cooling Case for the iPad Mini 6 offers a number of benefits for today’s iPad-using plane operators. For instance, our cases can easily switch between utilizing AA battery power or Micro USB. If you use a battery, your case’s test button for the battery will tell you the battery’s status. As a result, you’ll know exactly when your battery needs replacing.


Another reason to choose our iPad Mini 6 case to cool your iPad? Our cases come with spring-loaded latches that make iPad Minis secure easily. In addition to this, our iPad cases for pilots come with fans that generate minimal noise so that you can stay focused on the important task of operating your plane. These cases are super resistant to moisture and dust, so you can be confident that they will withstand the harshest of conditions.

With our cooling cases, we also offer kneeboard mounts and other useful accessories that pilots can use to make their flight seamless and organized. If you have a RAM mount, note that our iPad case is compatible with it as well.

Shop now to buy our Cooling Case for the iPad Mini 6, right in time for your next flight, and get in touch if you need help finding the right product for your device!