iPad 11 Pro 2nd Gen Cooling Case

When you operate a plane, your iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen is currently your handy copilot. Unfortunately, your iPad can easily overheat. If you have no way of cooling it down, you’ll lose your copilot, which means you may not get to your destination in a timely and smooth fashion.

Fortunately, at X-naut, we have developed the best iPad Cooling Case for the iPad 11 Pro 2nd Gen. This Cooling Case is designed to keep your device cool no matter how long you find yourself in the cockpit.

The Best iPad Case for the iPad 11 Pro 2nd Gen

This iPad case for pilots is available for the 11” iPad Pro 2nd Gen. These cases stand out for their ability to consistently prevent iPads from overheating thanks to modern technology and low-noise cooling fans. However, they are also convenient to use, as the spring-loaded latch allows you to load your device in a secure and easy way. The iPad Pro 11 Cooling Cases are also moisture and dust resistant, so you can be confident that they’ll stand the test of time.

Keep Your iPad 11 Pro 2nd Gen Cool with Our iPad Case for Pilots

If you’re tired of dealing with a hot iPad, now couldn’t be a better time to invest in our one-of-a-kind iPad pro 11 2nd Gen Cooling Case. In addition, you can capitalize on various complementary accessories, such as our kneeboard, rotating hand strap, or controller bracket. All of these components are designed to keep your iPad in place and easily accessible during your piloting journey.

Shop now to buy the perfect Cooling Case for your co-pilot and take your piloting experience up a notch in the months and years ahead.


1: How do I install my iPad Pro 11 Gen 2 into the Pilot Series Cooling Case?

To install your iPad into the case, simply align it with the case and gently press it down until it snaps into place. Ensure that all edges of the iPad are securely covered by the case.

2: How long does the cooling feature last?

The cooling feature of the Pilot Series Cooling Case lasts for as long as your iPad is inside the case and turned on. It does not have a specific time limit.

3: Is the Pilot Series Cooling Case waterproof?

No, the Pilot Series Cooling Case is not waterproof. It provides protection against drops, bumps, and scratches, but it does not protect against water damage.


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