iPad airplane mount: two people in a cockpit

3 Best iPad Airplane Mounting Placements for Pilots

As a pilot, you rely heavily on technology like the iPad to help you chart your course and stay safe in the skies. The problem? Accessing your iPad without the ideal iPad airplane mount can be difficult and even dangerous. Still, even those who do purchase an iPad cockpit mount may have trouble knowing where to place it for optimal use. If you’ve recently purchased a mount for your iPad or are considering doing so, let’s take a look at three of the best iPad airplane mounting placements for pilots to ensure that you have easy access to your iPad throughout your flight.

1. Place Your iPad on the Left or Right Cockpit Windshield

Are you using a single suction iPad airplane mount to secure your iPad? If so, one of the best places for your iPad is on either side of your cockpit. If you have a smaller iPad and you have plenty of room on your side in the cockpit, placing it on the side closest to the yoke can help you access it without having to reach over or make it more difficult to see some of the finer details on the screen. If, however, the iPad takes up too much space and you feel as though you can’t comfortably reach your controls or see the skies, you can place it on the opposite side instead. 

If you’re dealing with glare when you set up your iPad cockpit mount, you can also purchase a cockpit visor alongside your iPad airplane mount to make sure you can see your screen no matter which side of the cockpit you mount it on! 

2. Mount Your iPad on the Yoke 

 iPad airplane mount: two yokes in an airplane cockpit

The best places for iPad mounting are often the easiest to overlook, which is why some pilots will look everywhere for great mounting spots around the cockpit except for the one that’s right in front of them: the yoke! Some of the larger iPads can be a bit difficult to place on your yoke, but if you have a product like the iPad Mini and a claw yoke iPad airplane mount, you can easily position your iPad on the yoke so that you can steer and access your iPad with relative ease (regardless of whether you’re using it vertically or horizontally). 

As long as you don’t place an iPad here that completely covers the yoke or makes it difficult for you to get your hands around it, this can be one of the best iPad cockpit mounting positions for your needs. You can always double-check before a flight to see if this will hold up throughout your travels and switch to a different mount later if you need it. 

3. Mount Your iPad in a Similar Position That’s Compatible With Your Mount

Of course, when it comes to products like a claw yoke iPad airplane mount, you’re not just limited to the yoke. You might also find another part of the plane that your iPad can grab onto with a claw that’s a better fit, whether that be towards the center of the console or somewhere else. As long as the iPad cockpit mounting position doesn’t interfere with your ability to fly the plane and it makes it safer and easier for you to get your job done, it’s a good fit for your needs! 

As a bonus, you might also be interested to know that you don’t always have to rely on an iPad airplane mount. Let’s imagine, for example, that you want to switch over from an airplane mount to physically holding your iPad yourself. In this case, you can use products like a kneeboard or a rotating handstrap so that you can secure it to your person and not have to worry about dropping it and damaging it mid-flight. There are so many options when it comes to iPad airplane mounts and similar pilot accessories that you never have to worry about placement!

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