Photo of a man flying a plane

3 Useful Gifts for the Pilot in Your Life

Do you have a family member or friend close to you with a special occasion coming up? Are they someone who’s fond of air travel and loves to fly their plane across the country for a living or for fun? If so, the good news is that there is no shortage of excellent ideas for gifts to give to this special someone, regardless of the occasion. To help you gain some inspiration, let’s take a look at three gifts for pilots that they would love to take to the skies with them.

Photo of a man flying a plane


1. A New Cooling Case for Their iPad

Pilots rely on technology to help them navigate the skies and ensure that the flight goes smoothly and safely. However, tech can be finicky, with many of today’s modern devices like the iPad overheating quickly. When too much heat is introduced (like in the cockpit), the iPad may give up altogether, which can prove dangerous for a pilot in the air. Getting them a Cooling Case for their specific iPad model is one of the best aviation gifts you can offer to the avid flyer.

2. Accessories That Will Support Their Tech In-Flight

Some of the most important gifts for pilots are those that keep devices powered up. After all, if they end up losing power on their device, none of the other best gifts for pilots on this list will be able to help them stay safe and focused in the air. As such, you should look for helpful accessories like a 2-in-1 charging cable that helps them keep their device charged as well as the Cooling Case that we mentioned above. With this product, they know that both their iPad and the tech they need to keep it from overheating will stay powered throughout their flight.

3. Make It Convenient for Them to Access and View Their Device

The last thing you want is your pilot friend looking away from the skies to navigate their flight path. Some gifts for pilots may be quite obvious but easily overlooked, like a suction mount that they can use to hold up their iPad. With a suction mount, all they have to do is attach the mount to their closest side window, position their iPad just right, and easily glance over at their device throughout their flight. Your aviation gifts should complement each other so that the pilot in your life has everything they need to fly safely.

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Photo of a plane in the air

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