iPad Mini 6 For Aviation

Thinking about purchasing the iPad Mini 6 for flying? Here's what you need to know: 

We have noticed the buzz surrounding the new iPad Mini 6 amongst pilots in online aviation forums and it is clear to see why. This small but mighty iPad Mini is a perfect copilot in a cockpit of any size. Many pilots enjoy the size of the mini because it doesn’t block the panel like the other iPad sizes often do. It allows for easy use with a kneeboard or mounted directly on the yoke. X-naut offers an array of compatible mounts for the iPad mini as well as pre-order options for the iPad Mini Cooling Case. 

IPads overheating in the cockpit is still a current problem even with the newest iPads. Many people rely on iPads running ForeFlight as their main navigation source. If you fly in hot climates with an iPad you most likely have experienced the “black screen of death”. Seeing that black screen during mission critical tasks is many pilots' worst nightmare. X-naut’s CEO, Darren Saravis has experienced this black screen and knows the feeling that goes along with that all too well. This is why he created X-naut iPad Active Cooling Cases for Pilots. The Pilot series cooling cases keep iPads below shut off temperature while you are flying. This brand is known and trusted by pilots worldwide. They offer cooling cases in most iPad sizes including the new iPad Mini 6 Size. Options to pre-order the iPad Mini 6 Cooling Case are available on their website and expected to ship in late November.