An iPad Cooling Case and Other Vital Accessories for Drone Photographers


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iPads have pretty much become part and parcel of drone missions. As a drone operator, you probably rely on them to improve your productivity during the day. This is particularly true in the case of drone photographers since you’ll want to assess the images your drone takes in real-time as they’re transmitted back to your iPad. As your mission runs long enough for you to get the perfect images, your iPad is likely to overheat and struggle from the usage, especially if being used outdoors in direct sunlight. As such, an iPad Cooling Case and associated accessories for your drone are vital equipment for you to get the job done.

Here are a number of reasons why using a Cooling Case for your iPad is an excellent tip for drone photography.

An Ipad Cooling Case And Other Vital Accessories For Drone Photographers


iPads that run high processing apps like DJI Go and DJI GPS Pro will naturally heat up. Add high outdoor temperatures of up to 90°F–100°F to that and it’s practically inevitable that your iPad will overheat. There are a number of ways this can manifest, including a glitchy video feed, depleted battery, or your device shutting down completely. This is why iPad Cooling Cases are must-have accessories for drone photographers. 

Our own Cooling Cases use pioneering low-noise technology to distribute cool airflow over the back of your device, ensuring your device doesn’t overheat. The cases are made to fit different iPad sizes and are built to help your device survive heavy usage in hot temperatures. They can be powered by AA batteries or a micro USB cable.

iPad Protection

This iPad case doesn’t just help you keep your drive cool, it can also protect it from physical damage throughout the day. Outdoor drone photography can be a challenging exercise and it’s wise to invest in protecting your iPad if you use it regularly for work. Our FlexGrip support systems encase your iPad in a sturdy elastomer frame so that you don’t have to worry about bumps and drops knocking your device out of action.

You can combine a FlexGrip case with other iPad accessories for drone pilots to further improve your mission experience. Here’s a handy tip for drone photography outdoors — consider using a screen protector for total iPad protection.

Mission Longevity

Something else to take into account when assembling your drone equipment is the duration and location of your missions. If your missions run on long, your iPad will likely require multiple recharges throughout the day to keep it active. And outdoor locations may not always offer the plug points you need to power your device. 

You can either cart around an external power bank, cables, and whatnot, or you can opt for a low-fuss magnetic power source that you can just attach to your case. X-naut’s MagPower AMPS does just that. It’s a magnetic charging device that easily attaches to the back of the FlexGrip Command Center and keeps your iPad powered up as long as you need it.

Comfort & Stability

Long use of your drone conducted outdoors in hot weather can get tiresome. Every minute you spend outdoors costs money and you don’t want flubbed sorties or worse, expensive redos. As such, it’s important to execute your missions comfortably and in a stable environment. This is where a drone bracket for your controller and iPad can be a great accessory to have for drone assignments. With our drone bracket, you can stabilize your device as a handheld fixture or on a surface. A steady rugged metal bracket, it’s compatible with DJI mobile device holders for Phantom and Inspire controllers. The bracket can be attached to any X-naut FlexGrip Cooling Case.

Device Lifespan

Heavy iPad usage affects not just on-ground performance but the overall lifespan of your device as well. With the right tools, you can do a lot to add to the service life of your device, in addition to making your daily work easier. Useful iPad accessories for drone operators include a neck/ shoulder strap and bracket to securely lug around your iPad, a suction mount to stabilize your device, USB cords to keep it charged, and more.

Drone photography and piloting is serious business and at X-naut we understand that better than most. As pilots and heavy iPad users ourselves, we felt the need for something that would support our iPads in hot and rugged outdoor conditions. Our range of iPad support systems were designed specifically to address these issues. 

If you happen to have more questions about our iPad accessories for drone missions, simply contact us. We’re happy to help you. Keep tuned in to our blog for more useful tips on drone photography and mission management.