X-naut Brings iPad Cooling Cases to Australia

X-naut Brings iPad Cooling Cases to Australia

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Californian company X-naut has launched their iPad Cooling Case on the Australian market through an agreement with Flightstore.

Ipads have a maximum operating temperature beyond which the tablet will shut down, an ongoing problem given the heat in light aircraft cockpits right across Australia. X-naut's product combats the issue, prompting them to move into Australia after seeing high demand here.

“We began to see an overwhelming amount of traffic from the Australian market, even customers purchasing units directly from X-naut.com and incurring tremendous shipping costs to Australia," said Darren Saravis, CEO of X-naut.

"Partnering with FlightStore was a natural fit: they service over 10,000 pilots, flying schools and airlines. X-naut’s line of iPad Cooling Cases is a natural fit for their marketplace.”

The iPad Cooling Case was developed by conducting extensive thermal analysis and testing. Using this data, the team developed an injected molded vent case and built-in cooling fan system to direct airflow. The current product line was specifically developed for the iPad Air and Mini models.

For more information about X-naut’s products, visit www.xnaut.com or FlightStore.

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