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X-naut iPad Cooling Case for iPads Launch in Australia

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Due to high customer demand and Temperatures, x-naut is expanding to the Australian market

X-naut, developer of the industry leading patent pending iPad Cooling Case product line developed for the aviation and commercial markets, is now open for business in Australia.

X-naut is launching their iPad Cooling Case for Air, iPad Cooling Case for Mini and Kneeboard Kit, with FlightStore, Australia’s leading supplier of aviation products, pilot supplies and flying gear.

“We began to see an overwhelming amount of traffic from the Australian market, even customers purchasing units directly from and incurring tremendous shipping costs to Australia. Partnering with FlightStore was a natural fit, they service over ten thousand pilots, flying schools and airlines. X-naut’s line of iPad Cooling Cases is a natural fit for their marketplace,” said Darren Saravis CEO of X-naut.

Due to rising temperatures globally and an increase in the adoption of tablets as a computing tool for consumers and the commercial markets, there is a demand for products that keep tablets at optimal operating temperatures.  X-naut’s solution addresses this gap with the iPad Air and Mini Cooling Cases.

Designed by Nectar, an award-winning product development company, the iPad Cooling Case was developed by conducting extensive thermal analysis and testing. Using this data, the team developed an injected molded vent case and built-in cooling fan system to direct airflow. The current product line was specifically developed for the iPad Air and Mini models.  Additionally, Android tablet options are in development.

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Launched in 2016, X-naut develops solutions that address the fundamental issues that arise when working and playing with sensitive technology products in extreme conditions.  Pilot Designed and Approved, the iPad Cooling Case line provides a cooling solution for pilots to combat iPad overheating due to direct sunlight in the cockpit.