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As a pilot, drone photographer, or first responder, learning more about how to use and protect your tech is crucial. That being said, finding a blog that’s centered around your iPad use can be difficult.

This is why we here at X-naut have developed our own blog and news hub dedicated to delivering high-quality content centered on how to integrate your iPad into your career path. Discover X-naut and the many applications of iPads, drones, and related technologies in your field in our aviation and drone blog posts below!

Discover How X-naut Can Support You

If you rely on iPad technology for your job, there is no shortage of issues you may face along the way. Overheating, accidents, and difficulty using your iPad in the sun are just a few worth naming. Do you constantly deal with these issues in your line of work? If so, X-naut was designed with you in mind.

Tips, Reviews, and More

Whether you’re looking for in-depth product reviews, helpful tips regarding the application of drones in our drone blog posts, or even how others are leveraging iPads and X-naut cases in their own business, you’ll find plenty of interesting and informative pieces that are sure to appeal to you.

Enhance Your Tech

From our innovative and effective cooling cases that prevent your iPad from overheating to our MagPower Series charging mounts, we’re the company with products that will offer you the equipment you need. If you see anything on our aviation blog that you could use in your career, take a look around our site or send us an email to learn more about X-naut products!