Why an Ice Pack for Your iPad is a Bad Idea

Why an Ice Pack for Your iPad is a Bad Idea

Imagine the scenario; you are using your iPad, and its temperature rises. It may even shut it down if it gets too warm. There are many reasons why your iPad's temperature is rising

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you want to 'cool down' your iPad?

Ice and ice packs are probably one of the first things that come to mind when you want to cool something down. We associate our summer cookouts with ice and cold drinks. When something overheats, we think ice and ice packs are the way to go. But ice packs for your iPad? We don’t think that’s a good idea. 

Still, human ingenuity never misses a beat, and even strange bedfellows as your iPad and ice serve as inspiration for a bunch of products that are simply ice packs dressed up in techno-babble and slick packaging. 

ice melting and dripping water

The problems with ice pack cases are numerous:

  • They don't last. Remember ice melts and the hotter the temperature, the quicker it will melt. At best, an ice pack will give you 20 minutes of cooling, followed by an hour of re-freezing. That's if you have a ready freezer available.
  • They may be 'battery-free,' but you still have to 'recharge' them in the freezer, while your iPad isn't sufficiently cooled down. When you’re out in the field, do you typically have a refrigerator available?
  • Ice is the enemy of your iPad. iPads were not made to deal with water and condensation. This a marriage made of disaster.
  • Ice packs may break, 'pop,' or leak. They may be advertised as 'leakproof,' but that's not a guarantee. 
  • Some of these ice packs are expensive and not worth the money. Even if their cost is reasonable, they are not a long-term solution, especially if you need your iPad to continue working as it cools down, or you are away from a readily available freezer.  

How about an iPad Cooling Case?

You want your iPad to continue working, especially if it's your instrument of work. You can't afford to have it heat up and stop you on your tracks. 

X-Naut iPad Cooling Cases are a mounting cradle that is precisely engineered with four built-in fans (two for the iPad mini model) and with vents in the back. It directs airflow over the back of your iPad, targeting specific known hot spots and then sending the hot exhaust air out through the holes in the cradle. This way, the iPad stays cool, and it won't shut down while in use. Batteries power the fans, which makes X-Naut's iPad Cooling Case completely wireless. 

More importantly, you don't just cool down your iPad - you prevent it from even getting too hot. 


Prevent your iPad from getting too hot


Our iPad Cooling Cases are pilot-tested and reliable pieces of equipment that are sure to keep your iPad cool no matter where you are, with a lightweight, all-in-one solution, and a more robust, durable solution. And of course: they work better than a bag of frozen vegetables (though they may not taste as good.)


iPad Cooling Cases with Large Fans