group of people stretching on yoga mats

How Our iPad Cooling Case is Helping This Virtual Yoga Studio

If you’re like the staff at West Coast Sweat in Long Beach, California, trying to operate a virtual yoga studio thanks to the pandemic, you use your iPad religiously. In fact, you can’t imagine tackling your work tasks without your iPad in tow these days. After all, iPads continue to lead the way both sales-wise and innovation-wise. The problem with these red-hot, sleek slabs of metal and glass? They literally get hotter the longer you let it run. As you may have already regrettably experienced, that can lead to a dead battery, and, of course, a dead battery can often mean a dead iPad.

group of people stretching on yoga mats

Fortunately, we at X-naut recognized this problem and decided to do something about it by creating a one-of-a-kind iPad Cooling Case. This iPad overheating fix is the perfect investment for keeping your iPad cool. Just ask the team at West Coast Sweat, who can’t say enough about how our patented iPad Cooling Case saves the day for them on a daily basis. Here’s a rundown on our iPad Cooling Case that is helping this virtual yoga studio to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

How Our iPad Cooling Case Has Saved the West Coast Sweat

According to West Coast Sweat in a recently posted YouTube video testimonial, the studio relies heavily on iPads to film in-person classes for its virtual audience. They have had to become a part-virtual yoga studio due to the pandemic. However, the studio quickly heats up, and unfortunately, this causes the devices they use to record their classes to die from the heat, according to Rosa C., the owner, and operator, of the virtual yoga studio. This hampers the instructors’ ability to lead virtual classes in a seamless and enjoyable way for their students.

“It broke my heart every time our equipment would overheat and then we couldn’t deliver that finished product to our virtual students,” Rosa C. said in her studio’s video testimonial. 

The studio thus decided to research potential solutions to their iPad overheating problem. It wasn’t an easy process, though.  

“It felt overwhelming. We didn’t know where to look,” Rosa C. said. “Everything felt cumbersome and hard.”

West Coast Sweat’s Discovery of Our iPad Cooling Case

Fortunately, West Coast Sweat eventually discovered our Flex Series iPad Cooling Case at X-naut to operate their virtual yoga studio classes, and they were sold on it immediately. One of the main draws of our Cooling Case for West Coast Sweat was its ease of use. Rosa C. emphasized that the yoga studio’s instructors are the ones responsible for filming their classes, as the organization doesn’t have a large film crew at its disposal. For this reason, the organization needed an iPad cooling device that would be turnkey and easy for one person to use. X-naut’s Flex Series iPad Cooling Case met this requirement.

video still of West Coast Sweat yoga instructor using X-naut iPad cooling case

How the iPad Cooling Case Benefited West Coast Sweat

After obtaining our Cooling Case, West Coast Sweat was able to remove the two fans it had set up in the studio to keep the room cool, as the case completely eliminated the iPad overheating issue. The removal of the fans also offered the side benefit of making the studio look and feel less cluttered — yet another reason for Rosa C. to breathe a sigh of relief.

“It was just seamless, and we cleaned up the bulk in the studio, and that was so refreshing and so nice to do,” Rosa C. said.

What Makes Our iPad Cooling Case Stand Out?

Our X-naut Flex Series is not just an effective iPad overheating fix for keeping your iPad cool. It additionally features a rechargeable system that also charges the iPad at the same time. In addition, all of our Cooling Cases’ fans are dust and moisture resistant, thus featuring a level of durability that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

We also offer MagPower Series cases, which are designed to support the 12.9 iPad — the largest iPad. X-naut is the only company that has managed to get this right, and that says a lot about our level of innovation and push for perfection.

Note that our iPad Cooling Cases also come with a convenient, customer-friendly 30-day return policy, as well as a one-year manufacturer warranty. We also offer worldwide shipping.

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See for Yourself Why Our iPad Cooling Case Is All the Rave This Summer!

At X-naut, we’re excited to help you to start keeping your iPad cool with our unparalleled Cooling Cases. If you’re like Rosa, a case from the Flex Series is perfect. If you’re a pilot, first responder, or drone pilot, there are options for you, too! Just as this iPad overheating fix has helped the staff at West Coast Sweat with their virtual yoga studio, it can help you no matter what industry you operate in. Our iPad Cooling Cases have already delivered excellent cooling results for the military, first responders, construction workers, and even restaurants, along with the general public.

Contact us to learn more about how our cases can keep your iPad cool (and thus help you to keep your cool) during those busy days, weeks, and months in the years ahead.