man in brown pants holding an iPad

Strange Ways of Cooling Down Your iPad That You Should Avoid

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man in brown pants holding an iPad

As you pilot your plane from point A to point B, you’ve noticed that the iPad you use for navigation purposes keeps overheating. This leaves you with two questions: “Why is my iPad overheating?” And: “now what? You realize you need to find an outside-of-the-box way to cool down your device, but how?

The reality is, not all popular methods of cooling down your iPad are good ones. In fact, some can actually harm the device, thus potentially putting your trusty copilot out of commission.

Let’s take a look at a couple of strange ways of cooling down your iPad, as well as how not to cool down your iPad.

How Not to Cool Down Your iPad: Use an Ice Pack

If your iPad begins to overheat, you may be eager to figure out how to cool down the iPad. Then, you may consider using an ice pack to quickly reduce its temperature. Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this method.

First, ice packs simply don’t last. They melt. In fact, if your iPad is overheating due to being in a hot environment while you’re flying a plane or drone, then your ice pack is even more likely to melt and fast, too.

In the best-case scenario, your iPad might experience 20 minutes’ worth of cooling time maximum with an ice pack. Then, you’ll have to refreeze your ice pack. And that’s only if you can actually access a freezer while on the go.

Also, note that ice packs have the potential to leak, pop, and break if handled insufficiently, thus rendering them useless.

Simply put, using an ice pack is not a convenient way to keep your iPad cool long term, especially if you have long journeys waiting in the wings for you.

How Not to Cool Down Your iPad: Use a Gel Pack

To overcome the issue of a quickly melting ice pack, you may want to use a gel pack to keep your iPad from overheating instead. This idea is not completely unreasonable given the fact that these plastic sacks of ice or refrigerant gel are designed to last longer than your traditional ice pack.

When not in use, a gel is made to go inside a cooling system, such as a freezer, to decrease its temperature over the span of three days, or as long as it takes to be completely frozen solid. Then, it can be used as needed to cool down an object. Because the gel’s freezing point is lower than that of water, the pack can stay colder much longer than a traditional ice pack can.

The issue with a gel pack, though, is that — like ice — a gel pack is your iPad’s enemy. That’s because these high-technology devices were not designed to effectively handle condensation and water.

In addition, as with ice, if you don’t handle these packs with care, they can easily be punctured, crack, or leak. This is true even if they are advertised as being leakproof.

Finally, some gel packs are costly and thus not worth investing in. Even if you do stumble upon one that is reasonably priced, unfortunately, it is not a viable long-term cooling solution. This is particularly true if you’re relying on your device to keep working even while it’s cooling down.


Putting the iPad in the Fridge or Freezer

As tempting as this may be, this is not a safe way to keep your iPad from overheating. The screen may crack from the sudden change in temperature and you could cause internal damage from condensation. This is a DEFINITE no-no!

How to Cool Down Your iPad: Use a Top-of-the-Line Cooling Case Instead

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Our case also comes with a latch that is spring-loaded, which makes it easy for you to load your device into it when you’re ready to take off. We also offer a user-friendly kneeboard accessory mount that you can use to mount your iPad and its cooling case to your leg. This makes it easier for you to keep your navigator with you while you’re on the go.

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