photo of cockpit and a pilot’s hands

4 Essential iPad Accessories for Pilots

When you’re in the cockpit, you can’t afford to fly your plane in the wrong direction — not when you have a schedule to keep. That’s why you rely on your iPad to get from Point A to Point B. And so far, it’s never let you down.

photo of cockpit and a pilot’s hands

When you’re in the cockpit, you can’t afford to fly your plane in the wrong direction — not when you have a schedule to keep. That’s why you rely on your iPad to get from Point A to Point B. And so far, it’s never let you down.

The question is, are you truly maximizing the use of your iPad—AKA your co-pilot—when you hit the open skies?

The reality is, a wide range of accessories are available to help you make better use of your co-pilot. These accessories for pilots are designed to make using your iPad easier, safer, and more convenient with every nautical mile you fly.

Here’s a rundown on four particularly essential iPad accessories for pilots that you should add to your cockpit this year.

iPad Cooling Case

As a busy pilot, you’ve likely faced the issue of an overheating iPad. Unfortunately, an iPad that overheats is not a dependable co-pilot, especially when you have a long flight ahead of you. Fortunately, though, Cooling Cases — one of today’s top iPad accessories for pilots — are designed to keep your iPad cool so that you can feel calm, cool, and collected every time you climb into the cockpit.

Note that a well-designed Cooling Case features fans that don’t emit a lot of noise, thus allowing you to easily hear your iPad’s navigation instructions. In addition, consider a Cooling Case that comes with a button for testing your battery. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your battery life and also let you know when your battery needs replacing.

iPad Mount

An iPad Cooling Case mount is another pilot accessory you don’t want to leave behind when you embark on your next journey by air. That’s because, with this device, you can securely attach your iPad and its Cooling Case to either a plastic or a glass surface that doesn’t have pores.

A high-quality mount is designed to remain in place and thus to help to eliminate distracted flying. In addition, if you keep your iPad’s GPS within your peripheral vision with the help of a mount, you can easily hear the spoken directions as well as interact with the screen when needed.

iPad Mini Screen Protector

Device screens, such as iPad Minis’, are susceptible to scratches and damage especially when used daily to get a job done. There’s also the risk of the odd knock or light fall when used regularly. It’s therefore vital that your iPad Mini has a high-quality screen protector that will last and protect your device all day long. Our screen protectors are compulsory iPad accessories for pilots and feature 9H hardness and provide HD clarity so your iPad’s graphics are not hindered in any way, and are scratch-resistant.

iPad Cockpit Visor

Finally, as you seek to improve your piloting experience, consider adding a cockpit visor to your pilot’s arsenal as well. These visors are designed to eliminate glare, thus enabling you to see your screen more easily, even in the sunniest of conditions.

The ideal cockpit visor is one that will universally mount in either a portrait orientation or a landscape orientation. You should be able to attach the visor to your Cooling Case’s perimeter using Velcro strips. Then, you can detach the visor once you’re finished with your flight.

Infographic of 4 essential iPad accessories for any pilot

Take Advantage of the Top iPad Accessories for Pilots Today!

At X-naut, we take pride in offering the above iPad accessories for pilots, as well as other top-of-the-line accessories. That’s because we realize that your iPad can be an excellent cockpit tool due to combining documents, weather data, flight planning capabilities, and maps all in one place. But with a few carefully selected accessories, your iPad can be so much easier to use and also more powerful.

We have designed our first-rate accessories with the goal of improving your piloting experience no matter how long or short your journey may be. If you have specific questions about any of our accessories, we’ll be glad to assist you in choosing the items that will add the most value to your flights.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our iPad accessories for pilots can improve your cockpit navigation experience time and time again.