Overheating and durability issues have long since plagued iPad users who’ve needed to use their devices for work outdoors and in rugged environments. The increased popularity of iPads as tools and control devices for pilots, first responders, construction workers, or even enterprise professionals has brought these problems into sharper focus. As pilots ourselves, we felt the need for a viable solution. We hounded the internet for reviews of the best iPad cases for pilots and tried out a bunch of products. But we never really found a solution that could reliably deliver compatibility and utility in one go. So, we built our own.

X-naut was founded as a way to help operators get the most out of their iPads over the course of their day and the life of their device. We’d like to think we succeeded, given that we’re the only company that’s been able to get it right with some of the products we’ve designed. Our patented Cooling Case systems, FlexSeries, and MagPower series are unrivaled for the range of support and compatibility they’re able to provide you. Professionals worldwide use them to help their devices withstand daily stresses in the harshest of environments. They’re quite simply the best iPad cases available for pilots. Just read through some of the iPad case reviews below from our happy customers for proof.

Our products are shipped worldwide and include a one-year manufacturer warranty. We also offer 30-day returns. Please read through our returns policy for more details. You can buy our products right here on our website or through any of our distribution partners. Don’t forget to check out available discounts for the military and first responders.

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