PILOT SERIES accessories

The original, patented iPad Cooling Case from X-naut: a lightweight, all-in-one solution to prevent your iPad from overheating. As pilots who have faced overheating issues ourselves, we designed, engineered, tested, and patented the X-naut Cooling Case with an iPad mount for airplane cockpits to allow you to work and play in the toughest conditions.


Our new 2-in-1 Cable allows you to power your X-naut Pilot Series Cooling Case and charge your iPad with a single cable.

  • Nylon Braided Cable
  • USB to Micro USB and Lightning Cable
  • Length: 2.3 meters
  • 90 Degree Connectors
  • Require a 5-volt 2-amp power supply


1. What is the PILOT SERIES 2-IN-1 CABLE?

The PILOT SERIES 2-IN-1 CABLE is a charging cable that can be used to charge both Apple devices (with Lightning connectors) and Android devices (with Micro-USB connectors).

2. How do I use the PILOT SERIES 2-IN-1 CABLE?

Simply plug the USB end of the cable into a power source (such as a computer or wall adapter) and plug the appropriate end of the cable (either the Lightning or Micro-USB connector) into your device.

3. Is the PILOT SERIES 2-IN-1 CABLE compatible with all devices?

The cable is compatible with most Apple and Android devices that use Lightning or Micro-USB connectors, but it may not work with certain devices that use different types of connectors.


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