Pilot Cooling Cases


Professional-Grade iPad Cooling and Heating Cases for Extreme Conditions

Discover the ultimate solution for professionals in high-stress, high-temperature environments. X-naut specializes in advanced iPad cooling and heating cases, designed to meet the rigorous demands of first responders, pilots, and field workers. Our products guarantee that your technology stays functional and protected, whether you're battling a blaze, navigating the skies, or managing a construction site. Choose X-naut for reliable, durable iPad cases engineered for the extremes.

Robust iPad Protection for Mining, Agriculture, and Outdoor Industries

In industries like mining, agriculture, and outdoor maintenance, your iPad is your lifeline. X-naut's rugged iPad cases are crafted to withstand harsh conditions, from dusty trails to humid farmlands. Our state-of-the-art thermal management technology ensures your device stays operational, no matter where your job takes you. Rely on X-naut for iPad cases that deliver unparalleled protection and performance, keeping you connected and efficient in any environment.


"I have experienced overheating with the iPad. It's not a good feeling, and it's not a good feeling when your students have overheating on their solo flights... I will be teaching my students how to use the x-naut in the aircraft, It is a safe accessory to have and I will be showing them the ways of the X-naut."

Jason Jeffery, Flight Instructor & CEO, Pacific Air Flight School