X90 Cooling Cases

Empower Your Operations with Unmatched Reliability

In industries where reliability is non-negotiable, from the rigorous demands of energy and utility fields to the challenging environments of firefighting and construction, the right technology can make all the difference. Our advanced cooling solutions for iOS devices are designed with this in mind, offering unparalleled protection against extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. Whether you're overseeing agricultural operations under the scorching sun, coordinating a rapid response in emergency situations, or managing a bustling fast food chain, our products ensure that your essential technology remains functional, efficient, and reliable, no matter the external challenges.

X90 Series: Engineered for Extreme Professional Environments

The X90 Series is designed for challenging operational environments. The Quick Lock model offers a secure latch and Power Delivery charging, complemented by temperature-sensing fans for cooling. The Ruggedized variant adds extra durability, ideal for harsh conditions. The FlexGrip versions include rechargeable batteries for extended use, Flex Skin for protection, and maintain efficient charging and cooling. These models cater to the need for reliability, durability, and efficient cooling in demanding settings.

MagPower: Enhancing Emergency Response

In emergency situations, every second counts. MagPower technology ensures swift response times with effortless one-handed docking, while also offering a secure hold of 60 lbs of magnetic force, meeting safety standards to keep devices secure during intense vibrations and forces. Additionally, MagPower enables wireless Power Delivery rapid charging, ensuring that iPads charge at maximum speed precisely when needed.

MagPower: Secure, Power Delivery Charging

X90 Series is built to order. Please contact sales for lead times.