Pilot Cooling Cases

Reliable iPad Cooling Solutions for Pilots: Trusted Worldwide

Pilots around the globe trust X-naut to keep their iPads cool and functional in the cockpit. Our cooling systems are renowned for preventing overheating, ensuring that navigation, communication, and critical flight applications run smoothly. Adapting seamlessly to industry-standard AMPS mounts, our solutions offer up to 12 hours of battery life, functioning on both external and battery power. Experience the reliability that pilots worldwide have come to depend on, keeping your focus sharp and your flight safe.

Seamless Cockpit Integration

X-naut's cooling systems are designed to integrate flawlessly into any cockpit environment. Our commitment to enhancing pilot experience is evident in the seamless integration of our products, ensuring your iPad stays cool and accessible, whether on standard mounts or kneeboard options. This integration keeps your device from shutting off due to overheating, maintaining essential access to flight charts, weather updates, and crucial flight information. Elevate your cockpit setup with X-naut – where innovation meets practicality, ensuring seamless flights every time.

What Pilots are saying about our cases

Absolutely thrilled with it! Used it navigating in 29 degrees Celsius in a small 4 seater A/C for Search and Rescue. Two and a half hours and it used minimal power from my battery pack. I could feel how cool it was sitting in my lap. I thought it might have felt bulky - but not at all.

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