Person flying a drone in hot weather

X-Naut Offers Peace of Mind for Drone Pilots Flying in Extreme Temperatures while Conducting Mission Critical Tasks

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Person flying a drone in hot weather

Drone technology is big business, Gartner predicts that revenue forecast for personal and commercial Drones in 2017 will each more than $6 billion, and grow to $11 billion by 2020.  The business opportunities for this product category continue to rise.  There are two main ways that Drone technology is impacting business, new markets developed because of Drone technology and applications and the use of Drone technology within an existing business, creating new lines of revenue or augmenting existing services. Regardless of the application, Drone technology is an integral part of an increasing number of industries; the ever-expanding list includes:

  • Real-estate
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Security Surveillance
  • Inspections- Commercial, Industrial and Land
  • Agriculture Surveys and Herding
  • Mapping and Surveying

The top Drone manufacturers that cater to these markets are DJI with Phantom and Inspire, Yuneec and Parrot. These companies offer Drones in various price ranges from $500 to over $6,000. PC Magazine offers The Best Drones of 2017 breakout.

Business use case (as well as consumer) of Drone technology requires that the Drone, the pilot and any other technology/computing tools work outdoors. With global temperatures rising every year, the odds are that Drone pilots and the related technology will work in conditions that exceed 90plus degrees at least 4-6 months a year. These temperatures are unforgiving to technology devices that utilize applications that require a high degree of processing power.

iPads have become the top tool for Drone Pilots and associated applications have created a complete ecosystem. These applications enhance the productivity of the Drone Pilot and are integral in expanding business growth. iPads that utilize high processing apps like DJI’s GPS Pro (Ground Station Pro) or DJI GO apps will naturally run hot, add to that 90 to 100-degree temperatures and the risks of an iPad overheating and shutting down is a certainty.  What are the signs that an iPad is running hot and may overheat soon? Below is a list compiled from real use cases:

  1. Video Feed Gets Choppy
  2. Video Feed Cuts Out Completely
  3. Battery Depletes Rapidly
  4. Pad displays the black screen with temperature and warning that iPad needs to cool down before use

Forums and Manufacturer FAQ’s are littered with work arounds to help Drone pilots utilize their iPads and apps to get the best experience from their business tool. Help is on the way with the introduction by X-naut of a Drone Controller Bracket that is compatible with the Mobile Device Holder for DJI Phantom and Inspire Controllers. The Drone Controller Bracket attaches to the back of X-naut’s market leading Active Cooling Mount for iPads.

Drone controller bracket systems

The iPad Cooling Case for iPads was developed from a real-world situation, Darren Saravis, CEO of X-naut and pilot, experienced his iPad overheating and shutting off during a mission critical situation while flying. After this event Darren launched X-naut and developed the iPad Cooling Case for iPads. The goal was to provide pilots with a product that would keep iPads cool during mission critical situations. As the products popularity rose in the aviation market other business segments emerged and more use cases were developed to provide a solution for this potentially dangerous situation.

The iPad Cooling Case for iPads was developed by conducting extensive thermal imaging tests to identify the main areas of the iPad that run the hottest. Using this data an injected molded vented case and built-in cooling fans that direct airflow over the back of the iPad was developed. Darren Saravis, CEO of X-naut, provides an in-depth overview in this  video at the Heli Expo.

 The launch of X-naut’s Drone Controller Bracket for DJI Phantom and Inspire Mobile Device Holders is the must have iPad accessory for Businesses that are depending on Drone technology as a tool to meet their business and revenue goals. iPads overheating can lead to lost or destroyed Drone equipment, lost business opportunities and ultimately a decline in revenues.


 Drone technology means big business for entrepreneurs and major corporations. The monetary investment can run from $500-$50,000 depending on the scope of operation. Regardless the size of the business, equipment needs to run efficiently and without fail. iPads have become an important tool to Drone pilots and the associated issues of iPads overheating is taking a financial toll on businesses. Brandon Brodie of Raaw Photography and Grant Gulesserian of Flyby Imagery are two business owners who depend on Drones and technology tools like iPads to run their business. They provide real scenarios of issues associated with iPads overheating and how the iPad Cooling Case from X-naut is a must have iPad accessory for Drone pilots.

Brandon Story

"One time, I was on a shoot and it was about 100 - 110 Degrees and I had my drone up in the air for about 5-10 min. All of a sudden I look down and iPad turned off from overheating. So at that point, I honestly didn't know what to do, I didn't know since my iPad was shut down, if I was able to control the Drone, but luckily, I still had my iphone on me at the time, so I literally have to pop off the ipad, put on my iphone and restart the system while my Drone was up in the air. A little bit concerning at the time. I thought that I'd possibly lose my drone, so to have this cooling system I think it would definitely help those in certain situations." 

Grant's Advise

"I definitely think it would help out for shoots. Whenever it's too hot, or the ipad is having issues with overheating, we snap in the cooler and it definitely helps to cool down the iPad. Making sure that its running safe and correctly."

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