California Pilots Association

California Pilots Association

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On Saturday, October 14, 2023, the California Pilots Association, aka Cal Pilots, held their annual meeting via Zoom, once again. It started at about 9am and lasted until 4pm. When the pandemic started 3 years ago, they changed their format from in-person to a Zoom format, due to the circumstances.


For those of you who do not live in California, you may be asking, who is Cal Pilots? Here is link to their website


Here is a screenshot of the banner at the top of their home page that describes the organization.


And, for full disclosure, I have been a member for many years. Many states have an organization like this, representing the general aviation community for that particular state. It’s all about keeping airports open and accessible for general aviation. Cal Pilots also addresses many issues of concern to pilots, and the community, including avgas, usage fees, noise and more.


You should consider joining a general aviation organization like this in the state that you live in.


During the course of the day, the meeting planners arrange for the formal business of the organization to be conducted, via Zoom, along with the required financial reports, and they also have top-notch speakers, addressing a number of safety related topics. The keynote speakers this year, once again, were John and Martha King, of owners of King Schools, based in San Diego. Also speaking were airline captains Mike Jesch, and Gary Schank.


At the end of the meeting in the afternoon, as an enticement for those who are still watching, they have door prizes that have been generously donated by several well-known aviation entities, including; Precise Flight, Lightspeed, King Schools, and more.


I have just learned that the attendance this year via the Zoom format was only125, but perhaps some were out flying on a nice day! However, the information is good, and is well-presented. And it’s a chance to see what is going on with general aviation in the state where you live, which affects us all.


Fly safely,