What Flight Instructors Have to Say

What Flight Instructors Have to Say

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Jason Jeffery is a certified flight instructor and CEO of Pacific Air Flight School in Long Beach, CA. Here is what Jason has to say about X-naut. 

“I have experienced over heating with the iPad. It’s not a good feeling and it’s not a good feeling when your students have overheating on their solo flights...The X-naut cooling mount completely fixes this problem. It keeps [the ipad] from shutting down even if it’s in direct sunlight... Yes! I will be teaching my students how to use the X-Naut in the air craft. It is a safe accessory to have and I will be showing them the ways of the X-Naut.”

Or watch the video: 

151216_JasonTestimonial_FINAL from Nectar Team on Vimeo.