iPad Air/Pro 9.7" Cooling Case - Pilot Series

You depend heavily on your iPad as a pilot—and understandably so. After all, this device plays a crucial role in helping you to navigate the open skies in a timely and efficient manner. However, because iPads can quickly become hot in the cockpit, we created our X-naut iPad Air Cooling Case, which also suits the 9.7 model. For regular flyers, this is the best iPad case for pilots.

Why Is This the Best iPad Case for Pilots?

Our patented X-naut iPad Air Cooling Case stands out in the industry for allowing you to both play and work in the harshest of conditions. We designed and engineered this iPad case in such a way that you can easily switch between utilizing your battery (the 8AA battery) and Micro USB.

In addition, our case features a battery testing button that shows you your battery’s status. Green and yellow indicate the high and low life of your battery, respectively, whereas red indicates that your battery needs replacing.

Additional iPad Air Cooling Case Benefits

Another reason why our iPad Air/9.7 case is the best iPad case for pilots is that it comes with a latch that is spring-loaded, which makes it easy to load and secure your device. Our case also comes with 26 dBA fans, which produce low levels of noise. In addition, all of our electronics are moisture and dust-resistant.

Shop now to purchase our proprietary iPad Air/9.7 case for your upcoming air travels. In no time, you can be well on your way to having a cool and secure piloting companion time and time again.

As pilots who have faced overheating issues ourselves, we designed, engineered, and patented the X-naut iPad Cooling Case to allow you to work and play in the toughest conditions.

  • Switch between using Micro USB or power by the battery (8AA Air Version).
  • The battery test button shows the status of the batteries. Green indicates high battery life, yellow indicates low battery life and red indicates battery replacement.
  • Spring-loaded latch makes loading your iPad easy and secure.
  • Low noise fans (26 DBA)
  • Kneeboard accessory mounts Active Cooling Mount to your leg.
  • Electronics are dust and moisture-resistant.
  • Compatible with RAM mounts
* iPad™, AA batteries, and micro USB cord are not included
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1: How does the cooling system work?

The cooling system works by using a patented technology that dissipates heat away from your iPad 9.7, keeping it at a safe and comfortable temperature.

2: How do I clean the case?

You can clean the case with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the case.

3: What are the benefits of using the iPad 9.7 Pilot Series Cooling Case?

The benefits of using this case include extended battery life, improved performance, and increased comfort for your hands and lap.


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Our Pilot Series iPad 9.7/Air Cooling Cases are compatible with the following iPad models: 

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

iPad 5th Gen

iPad 6th Gen

iPad Pro 1st Gen

















Based on your needs and application, you may need one of these:


The kneeboard can rotate 360 degrees and mounts to your leg with an adjustable Velcro strap. Includes:

  • Elastic Velcro strap. One-size-fits-all
  • Mounting hardware

Check out: Installation Instructions


A rugged metal (powder-coated) drone bracket. Use it as a handheld fixture if you need to.

Compatible with:

  • Cooling Case for iPad Mini and iPad Air (only landscape placement)
  • DJI Mobile Device Holder for Phantom and Inspire remote controllers


The X-naut single suction cup base affords a strong hold on glass and non-porous plastic surfaces. It allows for infinite adjustment to obtain optimum viewing angles.


  • Double socket arm, 3.75 in / 95mm
  • B25 ball to circular multi-hole AMPS (X-naut compatible)
  • Single 80mm lever lock suction cup base


Rubber ball, powder-coated aluminum, high-impact composite

Ball size:

B25 (1 in / 25mm diameter)


9 oz


Mount your X-naut Cooling Case to a yoke shaft or exposed tube. The Claw base fits yoke shafts measuring 0.625” to 1.5” in diameter. Infinitely adjustable.


  • Double socket arm, 3.75 in / 95mm
  • B25 ball to circular multi-hole AMPS (X-naut compatible)
  • Claw post clamp


Rubber ball, powder-coated aluminum, high-impact composite

Ball size:

B25 (1 in / 25mm diameter)


10.5 oz

The iPad Pro 1st Gen Pilot Series Cooling Case has been specifically designed to improve your in-flight experience. Buy one now or contact us for more information.